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A High You Can
feel Good About

Prairie Flower

Born and bred in the prairies, Prairie Flower pays homage to its Albertan roots. Locally sourced, organically grown, and cultivated 1045m above sea level, Prairie Flower cannabis will deliver a high you can feel good about.

A Jewel In The Crown,
ruby Reigns High


A sign of high quality cannabis, is always the precious crystals that form on the bud. Elevated, etherial and multifaceted, Ruby is a boutique cannabis that reigns high.

Handcrafted For
The Cannabis Epicure

Stone Selects

Hand crafted, hand rolled and hand selected, Stone Selects is a line of premium cannabis products for the cannabis epicure.

It's All About
Being In The Moment

Spirit Joints

The awakened inner spirit has a sense of freedom, an aliveness, a higher sense of love, joy, peace and harmony. It's about being in the moment and enhancing those sensational feelings.

Cannabis For All


Enjoying life with those who make us happy, and viewing every day as an opportunity to try something new. Breaking from norms, and sharing meaningful moments that shape who we are.