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Explore CBD with Sundial’s CBD Isolate

Expand your CBD journey this new year with Sundial’s CBD isolate – an approachable and adaptable way to introduce CBD into your routine!

Sundial CBD Crystalline Isolate is 98-99% pure CBD with undetectable amounts of THC. It’s odourless and flavourless, making it easy to incorporate into your CBD routine. Add it to your baking, food, favourite ingestible oil, or simply put it under your tongue for about a minute.

How is CBD Isolate Made?

Harvest, Trim, Decarb

Hemp Flower is harvested, trimmed, and decarboxylated

Initial Extraction

Initial extraction from flower to oil into high-purity CBD Distillate. The distillate is combined with a solvent  at room temperature to easily dissolve


The mixture is then chilled in a controlled manner to decrease the solubility of the CBD. As the solution chills, the CBD forms crystals and sticks to itself, growing over time

Solvent Wash

The liquid and residual material from the solution are removed, leaving the CBD crystals. These are washed to remove any residual solvent

Isolate Collection

The isolate crystals are dried to ensure no residual solvent or material remains, and then milled into fine crystalline powder.


Sundial CBD Isolate is packaged in a white jar and a spoon is provided upon purchase.

Why do we love CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate

Potent and pure, this form of CBD is so adaptable as it’s odourless and flavourless, perfect for those who don’t enjoy the taste of cannabis which can be found in oils and capsules. It’s also extremely cost-effective compared to edibles, without the added sugars.

If you’re creative with consumption, the CBD Isolate can be added to a variety of recipes, from your morning smoothie to energy balls for on-the-go snacks. We love a product that works double duty and can be easily added into routines!

CBD Isolate Quick Facts:

Is CBD Isolate synthetic?

No, despite its appearance, CBD Isolate is a natural, plant-derived product.

Will I get high from CBD Isolate?

No, there is no THC in our CBD Isolate, so you will not experience any psychoactive effects.

How do I use CBD Isolate?

  1. The simplest way is to use it as a sublingual. Place it under your tongue and wait for it to dissolve. The powder is flavourless and odorless, so you will not taste anything as it dissolves.
  2. Add it to your favourite recipe to create a CBD infused meal. CBD Isolate can be added to almost anything you eat. Sauces, soups, stir-fries. Sprinkle into salad dressing.
  3. Mix with a MCT or olive oil to make your own CBD oil.
  4. Mix with your favourite skin lotion to create a CBD topical; apply to your skin as usual.

Can I cook with CBD Isolate?

Yes, it can be added to almost any recipe. It is flavourless and odourless, and will not affect the flavour, texture, or aroma of your recipes. Make sure you are not using high temperatures with CBD Isolate as it does not need to be heated before use and could lose some of its potency. Baking CBD Isolate above 320-350 degrees Fahrenheit for a prolonged amount of time could cause a reduction in the potency of the CBD.

Check out this quick and healthy recipe from the Sundial team.


Can I add this to my favourite tea/coffee/drink?

It is not the ideal way to consume CBD Isolate because the Isolate is not water-soluble. This means it will not dissolve in water or any water-based liquid. You may have some remaining CBD Isolate floating in your drink. If that does not bother you, go ahead! CBD Isolate is ideal for fat or oil-based recipes.

Can I use the Isolate to make my own topical?

Yes, you can use our CBD Isolate to make your own topical using your preferred lotion, or create a salve using coconut oil. This is a very simple process as you simply choose the quantity of CBD and mix it into your topical cream thoroughly. This is also a very cost-effective method compared to commercially available CBD topicals.

How much CBD Isolate should I use?

We would encourage consumers to work with their medical advisors to determine the proper dose for them as an individual. If you have not consulted with a medical professional, we would suggest starting low and going slow to see how you feel. A starting dose could be somewhere between 5 – 10 mg. You could equate this with approximately a “sprinkle” of isolate.

How do I measure the CBD?

The best way to measure an exact dose of CBD is by weight. A small kitchen scale is ideal for this. If you do not have a scale available, your dosing will be approximate. You can use the scoop as a reference point. Full scoop = ~150 mg, Half scoop = ~75 mg. Less than ¼ scoop = ~25 mg.

What is the dosage of the included scoop?

One scoop is made to hold 15 cc (cubic centimetre) which is around 150 mg of CBD Isolate, exact calculations will be printed on your CBD Isolate label.

Expand your CBD journey with Sundial’s CBD Isolate! Shop now at your local Spiritleaf here.

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