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How To Choose The Best Dispensary Near You (& How To Select The Best Product!)

You might know which products grab your attention the most, like vapes, pre-rolls, flower, and CBD topicals, but searching ‘dispensary near me’ to find a recreational marijuana dispensary that meets all of your needs is not always as easy. 

You not only have to consider your location and accessibility, but the expertise of cannabis concierge and the quality of the cannabis products you order online and buy in person. Search for ‘cannabis store near me’ online now and factor in the following information. 

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dispensary Near You

When you start researching ‘best dispensary near me,’ you can find yourself overwhelmed by options. Four crucial factors to narrow them down can be selection, price, quality, and location. 


Before you pick your preferred dispensaries close by, take a moment to consider the cannabis products you like. You might enjoy the convenience and taste of gummies or the feelings evoked by the THC in pre-rolls, vapes, and flower. The more expansive the in-person and online menu is, the more that some open dispensaries stand out from others. Our menus are curated by our passionate teams, based on new product drops, products we stand behind and value offerings to ensure we have something (and more!) for everyone.


You might find high-quality cannabis in a marijuana dispensary near your home, but that doesn’t mean the product prices will suit your budget, or the level of service will be catered to your needs. Our goal is to always offer competitive pricing and a curated experience to meet your needs and ensure we are providing reccommendations! Every Spiritleaf will have unique product offerings and specials on new products like concentrates and edibles. 


When you consume recreational or medical marijuana for your health and wellness, you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best. Find a cannabis dispensary that can provide exceptional product knowledge, however you choose to consume, and information proving that their recreational or medical cannabis is safe. 


There are many ways to find a reputable dispensary near you using search engines. For example, you can search ‘dispensaries close to me,’ ‘dispensaries by me,’ ‘local dispensaries near me,’ or a variation of these terms. You might even add other keywords like ‘cannabis,’ ‘dispensary,’ and a location. 

3 Tips for Your First Trip to a Local Dispensary

Before you take your first trip to your nearest dispensary, don’t forget to do some of the following steps.   

Preview Their Menu Online

Previewing an online menu may help you determine whether the dispensary you’ve found has what you need. They might sell indica and sativa cannabis you prefer, gummies, vape products, or even CBD products like balms and lotions. Before you visit in-store, you can brown our inventory online here!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Most reputable dispensaries provide a FAQs section with plenty of information, but you can still contact budtenders to find out more. Having your pressing questions answered may help you decide which dispensary to visit. We are always here to support your experience and reccommed products based on your experience with cannabis, and desired effect.

Remember to Bring Your ID and Cash

Cannabis is for adult use, with dispensaries not selling cannabis to anyone under 18 years of age. Some dispensaries also only accept cash, but you can confirm which payment types are available when you search ‘find dispensaries near me’ and discover dispensary websites. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Product at Your Local Dispensary

You’ve now chosen what you think is the best local dispensary for your needs, and now you have to pick the best products. Consider your consumption method, potency, and desired effect. 

Consumption Method

We now have many different consumption methods, such as flower, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. Take the time to think about what you favour and which is most convenient for your lifestyle. 


Of equal importance is your preferred product’s potency. Generally, each product has its potency listed with THC percentages. If you’re unsure, start with a low dosage. 

Desired Effects

Think about what you’re hoping to achieve by visiting a dispensary and purchasing cannabis products. Some people want to unwind while others want to feel more creative or uplifted. 

If you talk to your local cannabis concierge about what you would like to experience, they certainly be able to recommend a product. 


Finding a safe, reputable dispensary with high-quality cannabis can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Consider visiting your nearest Spirit Leaf dispensary to discover cannabis products that suit your every need.

We’re across Canada, but just down the street.

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