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Introducing Top Leaf Caviar Cones

A Canadian recreational market first for a moment of celebratory indulgence 

The name alone indicates pure decadence. Treat yourself to an elevated experience with Top Leaf’s Forbidden Lemon Caviar Cones.  

Top Leaf just released their much-anticipated Caviar Cones, a first of its kind in the Canadian recreational market. A sumptuous blend of winterized full-spectrum oil, dry sift hash and premium flower. Hand-manicured, hand-rolled and hitting levels of 30+% THC. New to the world of caviar cones? Allow us to introduce you.  

The experts at Top Leaf are breaking down this growing cannabis segment in their Rollers Right’s magazine with the article “WTF is a Caviar Cone?” For our fellow connoisseurs, this is a product segment you will be very excited about. 

Let’s put aside the obvious, this will hit. But as a true connoisseur, we know the most important part is what it’s made of, the terpene blend and effects, so let’s dive in.  

A proprietary blend of top-shelf cannabis  

The finesse in developing the Caviar cones really comes down to the pairing of each of the components. The Top Leaf team says it best:  

“There is also an art to producing caviar. With maxed out terpenes and blending of strains, the maker is playing the role of chef, creating a specific recipe for either flavour or effect or both. What happens when you wrap a strong diesel in something dark and dank? How does a buzzy sativa feel when it’s soaked in a heavy indica? Curious minds need to know and Caviar Cones provide answers.” 


Forbidden Lemon Caviar Cones are a masterfully crafted blend of the tangy and terp-heavy Forbidos, the uplifting Blue Dream and the notoriously fresh and juicy Lemon Haze and Florida Lemon strains. 

Forbidos Flower 

Forbidos is an Indica dominant strain with THC levels of 20-26%. It has a citrus aroma and flavour profile, which compliments the dry sift hash and Florida Lemon full-spectrum oil. The flower is grown in small batches, hand-manicured and expertly cured to ensure a smooth smoke and exceptional flavour profiles.  

Blue Dream and Lemon Haze Dry Sift Hash 

The dry sift hash is a proprietary blend of Lemon Haze and Blue Dream strains. Two cult favourites, well-loved for both their flavour and effects. Dry sift hash, or Keif, is made up of loose trichome matter, which is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, amping up the flavour profile of the dried flower and boosting potency.  

Winterized Full-Spectrum Florida Lemon Oil  

Winterization is the process of using cold ethanol to extract cannabinoids from the plant matter, this helps preserve the terpenes in the extraction process. This results in a full-spectrum oil that has a true-to-flower taste and aroma, and the natural terpenes remain in the final product. The benefit of using full-spectrum oil is the entourage effect, which is the powerful phenomenon that states that cannabinoids work synergistically in the presence of a variety of other cannabinoids and terpenes; the effects and benefits complementing each other for a more harmonious experience.   

While distillate is potent, full-spectrum oil best preserves the terpenes when taking whole flower into concentrate form. This gives an extract that most resembles flower, just amped up in potency and full of terpy goodness.  

The Florida Lemon full-spectrum oil is true to its name – bright and sunny, further playing off the flavours of the dry sift and flower.  

Terpene Profile  

The dominant terpenes are caryophyllene, linalool, bisabolol, humulene and nerolidol.  

The aroma is citrusy and floral from nerolidol, bisabolol and linalool, with hints of spice thanks to the caryophyllene and humulene. 

This interesting terpene combination is the perfect combination for a powerful, yet not overwhelming experience, thanks to the relaxing effects of bisabolol and linalool, and caryophyllene’s ability to taper THC. Nerolidol is also known for its calming qualities. 


With a blend of both Sativa and Indica cultivars, this hybrid is perfect for social situations and is meant to be shared. The blend is uplifting, yet relaxing. The bright flavour profile plays into the experience and the papers used are specifically used to ensure a slow and controlled burn, allowing the caviar cones to be truly savoured with each pull.   


As with all Top Leaf strains, nothing is left to be desired. The devil is in the details, all the way down to the packaging. The 4 x 0.5-gram Caviar Cones are packaged in a light-safe, sealed for freshness, reusable tin to ensure optimal terpene preservation.   

Treat yourself to a moment of celebratory indulgence. Grab this first-to-market Top Leaf exclusive at a Spiritleaf near you.  

This coveted Top Leaf Caviar Cone Flavour is only available for a limited time.  

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Creamy, Earthy, Herbal, Sweet

Our French Toast #1 flower is packaged in amber glass jars that protect your bud and are sealed for freshness with a humidity pack included. Spiritleaf Selects stands for quality and authenticity, and this strain is no exception.

THC: 20-26%

CBD: <1%