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Island Sweet Skunk – Canadiana Cultivar Exploration

See Canada from the clouds.  

Appreciate the past, examine the present and imagine the future of cannabis in Canada. 

Get to know amazing Canadian cultivars from coast to coast, their lineages, attachment to Canadian history, and where the industry is moving next. From classic BC Bud cultivars on the West coast to the famed Jean Guy out East, we’re celebrating Canadian cannabis achievements. 

This week we’re exploring our very own island escape with Island Sweet Skunk, bred on Canada’s coveted Vancouver Island. Drift away with this Canadian cultivar and explore a slice of Canadiana.  

Regional exploration and history 

Another famed BC Bud strain from British Colombia’s beautiful Vancouver Island. BC Bud has built up a strong reputation globally for its sticky, potent strains and we’re excited to highlight some of the amazing strains coming from this region.

While the mainland usually gets a lot of praise in terms of its contributions to the BC Bud reputation, Vancouver Island is another champion in the space. The temperate climate, salty ocean air and untraversed land made the Island an opportune place to grow cannabis. Each region in BC provides a unique microclimate that introduced challenges for the plant to overcome and ultimately thrive after generations of phenotyping. 

While the Island can be a bit more challenging due to its proximity to the ocean, growers have leveraged their legacy knowledge to bring amazing cultivars to the recreational market – including Island Sweek Skunk.  

Genetic notes and Lineage 

Due to prohibition, secrecy in breeding practices and mother plants used for cultivation, tracking down exact strain lineages can be difficult. Add in each grower’s unique take, and we will always see variations in genetics from grower to grower. That being said, Sweet Island Skunk is widely popular, so strain information is a bit easier to track down, but you’ll see variations in descriptions, though the below context alludes to the bright and skunky profile we all know and love.  

Island Sweet Skunk is a Sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Sweet Pink Grapefruit with Skunk #1. This strain is often enjoyed for its energetic and uplifting effects. Island Sweet Skunk (sometimes known as Sweet Island Skunk) offers a sweet, skunky flavor with undertones of grapefruit. 

From AllBud: “This heady skunk is a Canadian original, grown for decades on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. With top THC levels of 19%, it’s a potent tool for elevating your mood with a mild, uplifting euphoria. Island Sweet Skunk smells and tastes exactly as its name implies: sweet and skunky. It also delivers aromatic hints of the tropics. This strain, which won a Canadian award at the High Times Cannabis Cup, is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. The Sativa/Indica ratio is 80:20.” 

Marley Gold Island Sweet Skunk 

Get your hands on this west coast favourite with Marley Gold’s Island Sweet Skunk.  

Marley Gold Island Sweet Skunk comes to us from Marley Naturals. The gold line is made up of sativa strains, perfect for daytime use and an uplifting euphoria.  

Marley Naturals is carefully cultivated by independent growers dedicated to environmental responsibility and mastered cultivation practices. Flowers are hand-selected for enticing aroma, appealing taste, ideal structure, and optimal efficacy. Strains range from tried-and-true favorites to unique variations that embody the Marley Natural ethos.  

Marley Gold Island Sweet Skunk is a sativa strain with frosty bright green buds, orange hairs and sweet tropical fruity flavours that take the lead. Originally cultivated in British Columbia on Vancouver Island, this strain has a herbal, fruity aroma with notes of pine, true to its Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Big Skunk #1 roots. 

With dominant terpenes of caryophyllene, myrcene, terpinolene, the nose awakens you with its sweet and skunky profile. With potent THC levels, ranging from 20 to 26%, this daytime strain will give you a jolt similar to your morning coffee and transport you to island living.  

 Visit a Spiritleaf near to you to enjoy this piece of island living and a token of Canadiana.  

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Creamy, Earthy, Herbal, Sweet

Our French Toast #1 flower is packaged in amber glass jars that protect your bud and are sealed for freshness with a humidity pack included. Spiritleaf Selects stands for quality and authenticity, and this strain is no exception.

THC: 20-26%

CBD: <1%