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Jean Guy – Canadiana Cultivar Exploration

Explore Jean Guy, an homage to french Canadian History.

Explore Canadian cannabis cultivars from coast to coast and dive into Canada’s vibrant cannabis history with the famed Jean Guy.

This week we’re exploring what may be Canada’s most notable strains – Jean Guy, an offering from Quebec that is just about as popular as poutine. Of course, the two are quite complementary.  

Legend has many tales of Jean Guy’s creation, but the name actually doesn’t represent an individual at all, but really is just a representation of the Quebecois community.  

Regional exploration and history 

Jean Guy has now developed a worldwide reputation, but its history starts on Canada’s East Coast in Quebec.  

Jean guy is a phenotype of the Dutch White Widow. Now not much is known in terms of the history of cannabis in Quebec, but the region is rife with cannabis compassion clubs pre-legalization and post-prohibition. This led to experimentation, and with easy access to ports, international landraces became easy to cultivate on Canadian soil.  

Jean Guy is a fairly young strain, as we’ll dive into deeper, having its roots beginning right around medical legalization post the MMAR in 2001.  

 Genetic notes and Lineage 

Jean Guy, said to be a phenotype of White Widow, is a hybrid from Canada with intensely cerebral effects and a sour citrus smell. Frosted dark green leaves hide pastel buds loaded with golden crystal trichomes. Hints of lemon and pine come through in Jean Guy’s flavor, providing a gentle launch into jolting Sativa effects. 

According to Leafly:

The story of Jean Guy begins in 2005, when, like a basket of babies brought to a church doorstep, a tray of seedlings was carefully transported across Montreal to a medical cannabis dispensary. 

“These clones were given to us by one of our members. He had to get rid of them,” recalls Marc-Boris St-Maurice, director of the Montreal Compassion Center. “He used to grow them outdoors and told us they were a White Widow.” 

St-Maurice took in the seedlings and carefully grew the now-notoriously fickle plants to maturity. After cloning a few more he was so impressed by the mysterious strain he decided to sell the fragrant buds to members—but there was already a White Widow on the menu. “And I remember saying, ‘Well, what do we call it?’ 

Almost as a joke, St-Maurice tossed out Jean Guy as the most Québecois name he could think of at the moment. But everyone in the room liked it, and the name stuck. Onto the menu went “Jean Guy,” and from there, an iconic strain was born. 

Source: https://www.leafly.ca/news/strains-products/the-genesis-of-jean-guy-the-great-french-canadian-strain 

7Acres Jean Guy 

Jean Guy Cultivar Exploration

While there is no shortage of Canadian producers providing their take on this Canadian classic, one of our favourites is coming to you from the renowned 7Acres team.  

They take pride in growing high-end cannabis that respects each Cultivar’s genetic lineage and history. 7acres is committed to providing enthusiasts with hand-crafted cannabis flower that delivers an uncompromised experience. Their products are crafted by knowledgeable cannabis minds, who share a passion for the product; from seed, to package. This ethos has earned them a prominent place in the legal Canadian cannabis market.  

The Jean Guy strain is aromatic and dusted with trichomes. Jean Guy is 7ACRES’ tribute to the Quebec-born legendary strain made famous by the Montreal Compassion Club. Jean Guy is a balanced hybrid with a pungent citrusy and woody aroma. Jean Guy has earned a reputation as a top-shelf strain among Canadian cannabis enthusiasts. Jean Guy is a Canadian connoisseur strain with a unique history, and aroma of citrus and wood. 

With a terpene content of 2-4%, comprised of pinene, limonene, myrcene, terpinolene and caryophyllene and clocking in THC percentages of 15-21%, this well-rounded and uplifting hybrid makes an excellent companion for all of your adventures.  

Canadiana is calling.  

Find Jean Guy at a Spiritleaf near you to experience Canadiana.   

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