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Romulan – Canadian Cultivar Exploration

Palmetto Romulan

Explore Canadian Cannabis History and Famed Homegrown Cannabis Cultivars with Spiritleaf’s Canadiana. 

Exploring Romulan with Spiritleaf’s Canadiana. Appreciate the past, examine the present and imagine the future of cannabis in Canada. 

Get to know amazing Canadian cultivars from coast-to-coast, their lineages, attachment to Canadian history, and where the industry is moving next. From classic BC Bud cultivars on the West coast to the famed Jean Guy out East, we’re celebrating Canadian cannabis achievements. 

This week are exploring a heavy hitter coming from one of Canada’s most elite and well-renowned cannabis regions. Romulan by Palmetto is a Canadian-bred cultivar, well known to grow within the British Colombia and Pacific Northwest Region.  

The Famed BC Bud 

Palmetto Romulan BC Bud

But why is BC Bud so renowned? The region has a worldwide reputation for amazing cannabis even with a much less lengthy regional history compared to other prominent cannabis regions. With no true landraces, BC became a melting ground, shaped by those driven to the space, much like Canada as a whole.  

The cannabis counterculture bloomed in the 70s, with a laxer approach (in comparison to national) to cannabis enforcement and a larger community acceptance meant legacy grows flourished. This time of experimentation let growers hone their craft over a longer period than other Canadian regions, which gave BC Bud cultivars a running start in developing their global cannabis prominence. So, look out world, because with legal cannabis booming here in Canada, we can’t wait to see what other provinces breed and innovate.  

All of that said, beyond the storied history in BC, this region is known to have much more temperate climates, which also aids in their ability to grow this high-maintenance plant. This is also why we see a flourishing wine industry and longer farming seasons in BC.  

Romulan Lineage 

Legend has it that Canadian growers started breeding this strain in the 1950s, captivated by the hard-hitting, sedative stone it produces. 

According to Leafly “Romulan is an Indica marijuana strain made by crossing North American Indica with White Rhino. Named after the alien Star Trek race, this pine-scented strain is revered for its potent and therapeutic qualities. You can expect Romulan to deliver intense, cerebral effects. Growers say Romulan produces dense, frosty buds and is a popular choice among growers in the Pacific Northwest.”  

Romulan is a popular strain in its home region of BC, but also globally, having been showcased in Cannabis Culture and High Times magazine numerous times. The strain has even won a few titles in cannabis shows across Canada. Its high THC contents, relaxing body and cerebral effects and sweet, piney scent make this an Indica cannabis connoisseurs come back to repeatedly.  

Who is growing it?  

Palmetto is one of the few, if the only Canadian producer with Romulan currently on the market, and it has quickly become a fan favourite! This has been consistently selling out based on its powerful euphoric effects, smooth smoke and amazing price tag.  
Palmetto is one of the few Canadian producers with Romulan currently on the market, this has been consistently selling out based on its powerful euphoric effects, smooth smoke and amazing price tag. 

Palmetto is brought to us by Sundial growers, who have recently really dialled in their growing procedures to produce top-tier cannabis. They’ve switched to small batch production, and the quality of each batch truly shows this care to attention and detail.  

Palmetto is known for a grunge-psychedelic branding, which we just can’t get enough of, and their simple approach to good cannabis. Their crafting great strains and making the experience fun.  

Palmetto describes their Romulan as “Romulan is out of this world (maybe even out of this galaxy) indica. What if we told you that inside your mind is an entire galaxy waiting to be explored? And that you can explore that galaxy from deep within the comfort of your very own couch? Romulan is an Indica strain with potent THC levels) and a slight pine needle scent. Palmetto is cannabis for people who like cannabis, grown in the heartland of Alberta so you’re always good to go.” 

We are sold.  

With a terpene profile heavy on the myrcene for those powerful effects and complemented by pinene, limonene and caryophyllene, for that spicy-sweet herbaceous-ness this strain is known for. Coming in consistently with THC percentages of 20%+, this indica had earned its place in Canadian cannabis history, and most certainly in our stashes as well.  

Shop Romulan at your local Spiritleaf here.

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