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Store Feature: Spiritleaf Ajax, Ontario

We sat down (virtually) with Adam Palumbo of Spiritleaf Ajax to discuss what lead them to open their cannabis dispensary in Ajax, Ontario. We also discussed the future of the cannabis industry and what they love about the Spiritleaf brand. The following interview has been slightly edited for brevity and clarity.

First things first, tell us about yourself!

My name is Adam Palumbo and I am the owner of Spiritleaf’s Ajax cannabis shop. I grew up in Markham but recently planted my roots in Whitby and Ajax. Before opening my store, I was in software sales for seven years, and before that, I was pursuing an acting career in New York City – so I think it came as a surprise to many when I decided to open a business that has nothing to do with either software or entertainment. Though, the skills I learned from my previous pursuits have given me a ton of transferrable skills that pertain to running a retail store and continue to pay dividends today.

What brought you into the cannabis industry?

I’ve been fascinated by cannabis since I was a teenager and loved witnessing the public’s attitude towards the plant’s recreational use evolve over time. As a long-time enthusiast, my greatest pleasure is serving a new clientele that previously had poor or misguided ideas about cannabis and cannabis culture. The legalization of cannabis has created an awesome opportunity to showcase its value both recreationally and medicinally, and I consider it a great honour to be on the frontlines of this industry serving the public.

Tell us about your location! What do you love about your community?

I am proud to operate a cannabis store at 20 -145 Kingston Road East in the mid-east community of Ajax! Located across from Costco on the corner of Salem Road and Kingston Road East, our location is the perfect dispensary for Ajax and bordering Whitby.

All my staff live in Durham Region and know the community they are serving intimately. My staff is truly what sets my dispensary apart from the rest. Have a question about CBD? Spiritleaf Ajax has you covered. Have a question about the latest Ontario Cannabis Store drop? Come on in and ask our opinion because we’ve probably already tried it. New to cannabis and unsure how to dip your toes into the water? Let us introduce you to some of our cannabis-infused beverages, vape carts, or pre-rolls. Whatever your needs are, my staff are trained to curate recommendations for any individual. If you’re in Ajax, Whitby, or anywhere in Durham Region come by and say hi or visit our website for more information!

What are your favourite cannabis products, and why?

We have all the pot shop staples – Back Forty, Shred, Tweed, Pure Sunfarms Pink Kush, Spinach, Daily Special – you name it. But my personal favourites tend to be Craft Certified cannabis. Brands like Carmel, Blkmkt, Cookies, or TGOD stand out to me for their rich terpene profiles and hand-trimmed buds.

What excites you about the future of the cannabis industry?

I believe the edibles and beverage segment will see tremendous growth once the 10mg cap is lifted. CBG, CBD, CBN, and other components of the plant will be incorporated more as research develops. More effective topicals for pain management and relaxation are also on the horizon, which will help address the needs of an older population and therefore broaden the appeal and acceptance of cannabis.

What do you love about Spiritleaf?

Spiritleaf as a company aims to spread peace, love, and harmony through cannabis, which also happens to be why I decided to get into this industry. Our mutual alignment on this mission statement is why it’s been such a great partnership.

Get to know the amazing Ajax team and explore their expansive cannabis selection! Shop here.

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