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Store Feature: Spiritleaf Bonnyville, Alberta

Get to know the passionate team at the Spiritleaf Bonnyville cannabis store in Bonnyville, Alberta

We sat down (virtually) with Danielle Normand of Spiritleaf Bonnyville to discuss what lead them to open their cannabis dispensary in Bonnyville, Alberta. We also discussed the future of the cannabis industry and what they love about the Spiritleaf brand. The following interview has been slightly edited for brevity and clarity.

First things first, tell us about yourself!

My name is Danielle Normand. I am a true local to Bonnyville, born & raised in this wonderful community. Just like most locals, I spent 16 years in the Oil & Gas Industry, specializing specifically in Quality Management. My business partner & Store Manager Donna Dumoulin is also local to Bonnyville, her background is administrative, including bookkeeping & accounting.

What brought you into the cannabis industry?

I knew I wanted to own my own business and was searching for something that could offer more stability than the oil & gas industry. I knew that opening a cannabis retail store, and the cannabis industry in general, could fulfill this requirement. My favourite part about the industry is breaking the associated stigmas that have been hanging around this wonderful plant for far too long.

Tell us about your location! What do you love about your community?

Our locally owned & operated cannabis retail store can be found at #104 6608 50 Ave on the west side of Bonnyville, right next to the Tim Hortons, Buffalo Trail Liquor Store, and Shell Gas Station. It’s a convenient one-stop-shop for all your needs. What I love most about our beautiful community is the diversity, not only with the people and different cultures but the geographical topography as well. Mother nature has blessed us well in the Lakeland!

What are your favourite cannabis products, and why?

I’m definitely a smoker at heart, so when I light up, there are a few strains that are my go-to’s. During the day I’m a big fan of the euphoric effects provided by Ghost Train Haze, and the unique terpene profile of Pie In The Sky. For evening use I usually go for nice body melt strain like Granddaddy Purple, White Rhino or the ultimate classic Indica – Pink Kush. Over the past year, I’ve also incorporated Beverages into my routine. They are a fantastic way to quickly add a little extra THC or CBD to your existing consumption method (extra points for the rapid effects), and as an added bonus help with a dry mouth! I do frequently use Transdermal Topical creams as well. They absorb nice and deep into the skin, and it’s the best way to calm areas on the body in a localized manner.

What excites you about the future of the cannabis industry?

The industry evolving to allow for cannabis consumption lounges. I believe this one item alone will open up many opportunities in cannabis, but also for other industries to develop as well, such as culinary, tourism etc… The biggest challenge currently is the red tape put up by the regulating authorities and government.

What do you love about Spiritleaf?

Spiritleaf’s culture and values fully align with my own on both a personal and business level. The Spiritleaf franchise was initially established in Alberta, and stores can now be found all across Canada. They are locally owned and operated by like-minded entrepreneurs and cannabis enthusiasts such as myself.

Stop in and say high to the amazing team to experience their welcoming in-store expertise and curated product selection! Danielle and her team also operate the Cold Lake location, where you can experience the same elevated in-store experience.

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