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Avoid Greening Out

As Cannabis consumption becomes more common, there will be some people who may experience an incident where they might ‘green out’.  Greening out is a feeling you get when you have consumed too much THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).  This occurs when the receptors in the brain become overstimulated and produce a reaction in the body.  Individuals can feel dizziness, nausea, an increased heart rate and anxiety or paranoia.  The sensation maybe uncomfortable but not harmful.  Currently, there are no documented cases of anyone dying from Cannabis toxicity.

Everyone’s tolerance to THC is different, which makes it hard to know how it will affect you until you experiment.  Another factor that can contribute to this unfortunate side-effect is if the individual is combining Cannabis and alcohol.  Alcohol is shown to boost THC levels in your blood, increasing the overall effects.  It is not safe to mix the two substances, particularly if you are new to Cannabis.

Surprisingly, the most common way people green out is by consuming too many THC infused edibles.  The average consumer thinks of edibles as a non-invasive method but because these products rely on digestion, predicting the effects is difficult compared to other methods.  Often, this leads to overindulging which compounds the effects of the THC.

MG 1415

Below are some helpful tips to mitigate the uncomfortable feeling you may experience:

  • Remember that the feeling will pass and that you are not in any danger.
  • Try using a CBD dominant product, if you have it, as it can lessen the effects of THC.
  • Try chewing on peppercorns, this can also lessen the effects of THC.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Fruit juice can also help some symptoms by managing sugar levels.
  • Take a nap and rest.
  • Be with someone you trust, if you need peace of mind.

Use a consumption journal to record the highs and lows of your journey with Cannabis.  Recording products details and experiences will help you to have a successful session and help you to avoid feeling green.  If this happens to you don’t panic, follow these helpful tips above and remember to consume responsibly!  Always start low and go slow.

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