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BC God Bud – Canadiana Cultivar Exploration

Canadiana – Exploring Canada’s finest with BC God Bud 

Canadian cannabis roots run deep.  

Get to know amazing Canadian cultivars from coast to coast, their lineages, attachment to Canadian history, and where the industry is moving next. From classic BC Bud cultivars on the West coast to the famed Jean Guy out East, we’re celebrating Canadian cannabis achievements. 

This week we’re exploring another BC Bud classic – BC God Bud, or sometimes just referred to as God Bud, or Purple God Bud. You can experience the legendary strain yourself with Verse Originals BC God Bud, available at a Spiritleaf near you, but let’s dive into the lineage and genetic history first!  

Regional exploration and history 

Canada was put on the global cannabis map with our sticky, sparkly and varied BC Bud Cultivars. While other regions are growing in size and scale in the Canadian cannabis market, BC Bud has some prominent roots.  

BC’s proximity to the States meant the free flow of new cultivars was easier than in other provinces. Cannabis was a social norm and widely accepted, long before recreational legalization, and of course, the temperate climate we all know and love gives way to some excellent outdoor growing conditions. The Kootenays is widely regarded as an outdoor cultivation mecca, as it boasts pure rocky mountain water, clean air, and extremely rich soil, but that’s just one acclaimed region within BC bringing us amazing Canadian cultivars, like BC God Bud.  

Genetic lineage 

BC God Bud is said to have come from BC Bud Depot and is a cross of God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk cultivars. These very dense and heavy crystal-coated buds, flavor and accompanying high, make for outer-body experiences. A BC Bud Depot multiple award winner, this is the indica that brought the cup home to Canada. The God Bud strain, a.k.a., Purple God Bud, is an Indica-dominant (60:40) hybrid strain. 

The effects are both uplifting and relaxing. A calming is euphoria brought on by the high THC content but won’t leave you couch-locked.  

Verse Originals BC God Bud 

Verse Cannabis, based in Kelowna, BC, only brought their flower to market this year, but they’ve been carving out a name for themselves with potent concentrates and a variety of vape products. Their BC God Bud has been making a splash as one of the best value ounces on the market.  

BC God Bud Dried Cannabis by Verse Cannabis is a hand-selected bud by Verse’s experts to deliver premium quality. Verse flower represents quality and value, looking to provide the everyday cannabis consumers carefully cured bud. BC God Bud is an Indica-dominant strain and is applauded for its potent THC content. The flavour consists of tropical fruit flavours with undertones of berry, lavender and pine produced by lead terpenes: trans-caryophyllene, alpha-bisabolol, alpha-humulene, linalool and limonene. 

Sticky and highly aromatic, the buds are cold cured to ensure maximum terpene preservation. A great value buy with deep-seated Canadian cannabis roots.  

Grab your piece of Canadiana at a Spiritleaf near you.  

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