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Cannabis & Couples

Valentine’s Day has arrived!  There are a few scenarios that apply when it comes to Cannabis and couples.  The most straightforward is that both individuals consume cannabis as a couple.  Another scenario is that one individual consumes and the other does not.  What can complicate this situation is if the user’s partner does not support the other’s consumption, possibly creating conflict within the relationship.

There are some advantages to consuming Cannabis as a couple.  Using Cannabis reportedly enhances sexual activity when used both internally and externally.  The components of Cannabis, particularly THC, increase sensitivity and can intensify orgasms. Sativa varieties are the most ideal for physical activity because of their uplifting effects and could enhance your evening with your partner.

The act of consuming Cannabis can be easily incorporated into a date night!  Consuming certain strains before a specific activity can enhance the overall experience.  If you’re going to a house party, try some sativa products with a balanced THC and CBD ratio.  If you’re watching movies at home with your partner, try an Indica variety, which matches well with this activity.

For those in a relationship where one partner doesn’t support the other consumption consider both points of view.  Maybe they had a bad experience or come from a religious background.  Talk it out, express to your partner why Cannabis helps you and educate them on the facts.  Set a good example, always consume Cannabis responsibly.  If you still can’t find a compromise it may be time to reevaluate the relationship, some people are close-minded and will remain so.

Love is in the air, make time for those who you care for.  Whether you consume alone or with your partner, always enjoy Cannabis responsibly!

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