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Cannabis Use and Self-care

There is a growing curiosity from all sectors of society regarding cannabis consumption, about how it works and what the benefits might be.

Current science reveals the cannabis plant contains over 400 different chemical compounds, coming in varying combinations depending on each strain. These compounds include many cannabinoids, along with hundreds of other molecules including terpenes, each providing various psychological and physiological effects on the human body.

Although there are some guidelines for consumers to follow to help them achieve certain results, it is important to know that everyone experiences cannabis differently. If you are new to cannabis, the best strategy is to start with a low dose and to increase slowly over time until you achieve the desired results. Start low and go slow-is how the saying goes!

If cannabis is inhaled, the short-term effects will manifest within seconds and will peak within a few minutes, lasting for 1 to 3 hours. When ingestible oils or infused edibles are consumed, the onset of effects is delayed. This method can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours to experience and has an unpredictable duration. If a THC dominant product is consumed, the individual may experience both physical and psychotropic effects.  Some of the physical effects may include an increased heart rate, dry mouth, red eyes and can also increase appetite.

In Canada, the cannabis industry is highly regulated and restricts businesses from making claims of positive or negative impacts as a result of usage.  Rules which are in place for the protection of consumers. The ‘health benefits from cannabis use is a controversial subject that requires further scientific study before producers can advertise its use for the treatment of sleep and anxiety etc.

However, the subject of cannabis and ‘self-care is often discussed in the media and is a popular topic for women especially. Ladies and even some men have begun introducing cannabis products into their beauty regime, taking their personal care to a new level with infused bath bombs and body creams. Some producers are creating innovative products designed to help support women’s health; such as vaginal suppositories and even arousal oils.

Another hot topic, for men and women alike, is the subject of cannabis use and fitness. Consumers report cannabis can make exercising more enjoyable, potentially increasing the overall duration and experience of the workout. A theory that is disputed in the fitness industry, due to the negative perception towards cannabis use in general.  A popular example of this is combining cannabis with yoga, which is said to help participants achieve a better meditative experience on the mat.  Read more on The LEAF, click here.

It is important to educate yourself about the benefits of the cannabis plant and to experiment with these products in a responsible and safe manner.  If you are a new user, try it with someone you trust and never drive under the influence.

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