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Edibles Education

What exactly are edibles?  Medicated edibles are any product containing THC, which is the psychoactive component found in Cannabis.  Edibles can come in several different forms including candies, desserts, ingestible oils and tinctures.  This delivery method often produces an intense, longer-lasting effect and is safer than smoking Cannabis.

The medicinal components in edibles are absorbed through the stomach, processed through the liver and then released into the bloodstream.  This process takes time, which is one reason why it can be difficult to control dosing compared to other methods of delivery.  Always consume edibles responsibly, plan ahead before consuming and avoid operating heavy machinery including motor vehicles.

New consumers should ‘start low and go slow’, increasing the dosage slowly until you are comfortable with the effects.  Start with one serving and then wait up to two hours before consuming more.  Do not mix edibles with alcohol or with any other controlled substances.  Always store edibles safely-keep away from pets and children under 21.

Everyone reacts differently to Cannabis edibles and it is important to learn what your tolerance level is for the best results.  If you are new to Cannabis edibles it is recommended to start with 1mg to 5mg for each serving.  If you have some experience with edibles, it is recommended to not exceed 10mg for each serving.  For those who frequently consume edibles, it is recommended to not exceed 15mg for each serving.

If you feel sick after consuming too much and ‘green out’ there are some things you can do to lessen the negative effects.  Staying hydrated is number one, lie-down, listen to music you enjoy or take a walk if you prefer.  Take deep breaths and remind yourself that Cannabis is not physically harmful.

In Canada, edibles are not yet regulated and will not be fully legal until sometime in 2019.  It is up to the consumer to make their own or purchase edibles at their own risk.  Choose products with clear labelling to understand the portion sizes for a consistent, safe and predictable experience.


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