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External Delivery Methods

In addition to inhaling or ingesting Cannabis, there are some external delivery methods available worth learning more about. These types of products are particularly useful for those who prefer convenience and consistency when consuming Cannabis. The external methods available are also very discreet compared to the traditional method of inhaling Cannabis.

Topical products are well known in the industry now and will gain even more importance next year when these types of products become legal to purchase in Canada. The word topical is a generic term for Cannabis-infused lotions or creams, balms and personal lubricants which are applied to the skin. These types of products are non-invasive and are easily administered.

Cannabis-infused topicals are not typically psychoactive even if the product contains THC, unless it is ingested somehow. The cannabinoids in topicals cannot breach the bloodstream, with the exception of thin or broken skin new research shows.  Usually only affect the area of the body where the product is applied.  Currently, there are no regulated product like this available in the Canadian market and it is recommended you make your own at this time. See this recipe from The LEAF to learn how.

Another interesting external method to consider are transdermal patches, which are also convenient and discreet for the user. Using these types of products is very simple: start by opening the package and apply the infused patch to clean dry skin. Unlike topicals, these patches can deliver cannabinoids to the bloodstream and could have psychoactive effects depending on the components in the product.

Infused suppositories are another external method worth considering. A suppository is a small, round or cone-shaped object that is inserted in your body. Even with THC, these products provide less psychoactive effects compared to other methods, often lasting from 2-3 hours. The onset is much quicker than other delivery methods and provides consistent systemic effects. The most commonly used are rectal suppositories, but there are also vaginal suppositories and even urethral suppositories. If you are interested in try this method you will have to make these at home, using this recipe from the Strainprint Community.

The products above are not yet regulated by the Canadian government and will not be available for sale until the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. Once these products are available, Health Canada’s regulations require the products to have a limit of no more than 10 mg of THC per unit and 1000 mg of THC per package.

There are many ways to consume Cannabis, with more to come as the market develops. Each method has its distinct benefits and choosing one depends on your personal needs. These innovative products have made it possible for each consumer to have a choice that suits their unique requirements.

This is the final instalment to this series on consumption methods. You can catch up on the entire series now by following these links: Inhalation Delivery Methods and Oral Delivery Methods.

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