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Methods of Cannabis Consumption

As legalization continues to evolve and expand in Canada, so do the available methods of consumption.  Both product and technology advancements are providing consumers with many new and exciting options, which will only get better with time.  These include many different types of inhalation, oral delivery and even some internal or external methods.  This series will explore each of the methods available in today’s marketplace.

Smoking Cannabis is currently the most common method of consumption: these inhalation methods include:

  • Smoking dried herb: in a joint, blunt, pipe or bong;
  • Vaping either dried herb or concentrates;
  • Dabbing concentrates: hashish or kief, bubble hash, wax or budder, terp sauce, live resin and rosin, shatter or taffy, honeycomb, distillate,  isolate, jelly hash and Rick Simpson oil.

For those who do not wish to smoke or inhale Cannabis there are many oral delivery methods available and include:

  • Edibles (food or beverage based);
  • Ingestible oils and capsules;
  • Oral sprays;
  • Tinctures;
  • Nanoemulsions.

Other delivery methods available:

  • Suppositories;
  • Topicals: lotions, salves and other transdermal methods.

Choosing a method is personal and depends on your needs as a consumer.  Each consumption method has advantages and disadvantages.  Some methods are less invasive and can be very discreet.  Find out the specifics of each in this upcoming series!

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