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The Simple Facts About Portable Vaporizers

After much anticipation vape pens, cartridges, and other vape products are now available for sale in Canada. These types of products were not available until now due to government delays, arriving well over a year since cannabis was fully legalized. The vape market has a wide selection of model types and concentrates varieties which consumers will have to understand to enjoy their experience safely and successfully. In a previous article on The LEAF, we shared the basics of how a vaporizer works, its anatomy and some advantages and disadvantages of these products.  Click here to read this information.

In this article, you will learn more in-depth information about how vapes work and what you can find in the legal market at this time.

For those who are not familiar with this method, a vaporizer is a device that heats either dried herb or concentrates to a temperature below its combustion point but is still hot enough to release the chemical compounds. Vape models come in two types: either rechargeable or disposable (single-use). Some models are push-button activated and some are draw-activated or by inhaling. The anatomy of the vape cartridge can be broken down into three main parts. Each unit comes complete with a mouthpiece, oil reservoir, heating element and requires either an internal or external power supply to operate.

Vapes will be classified as being either regulated or unregulated, which refers to their battery function. Models which are regulated will not allow you to continue vaping if there isn’t a sufficient charge. Unregulated units will not always produce the same pull every time because if the battery power is low the coils will not heat up as fast.

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Vaporizers come in many styles and model types which can be broken down into a handful of categories:

  • Cig-a-like (pen): this 510-threaded standard vaporizer battery insert is the most common and is considered the industry standard. Its shape is small and mimics a traditional tobacco cigarette. It produces minimal vapor, compared to other models. These units come in both rechargeable and disposable (single-use) varieties.
  • Pod: this unit functions similarly to the standard pen but is usually sold as a proprietary system. The shape is different from a pen and is more transportable, using a USB key format. This mod has a limited battery power compared to the other units.
  • Tube Mod: its tube shape is similar to an electronic cigarette or pen but is much bigger because of the larger battery. These mods are rechargeable and offer more personalized settings, including vapor adjustment.
  • Box Mod: this rechargeable model functions like the tube mod but comes in a rectangular or square shape. Offering a much greater power source, this is the largest battery available.

There are three main cannabis concentrate products used in vapes:

  • Conventional cannabis oil: this dark amber or black coloured product has a very thick consistency and is inhaled, not ingested.  The two most common methods used to make this product is with a CO2 extractor or by using Isopropyl alcohol. 
  • Distillate: this versatile product is used for dabbing, vaping, edibles and topicals. It is light yellow and has a runny consistency. The product is extracted using the ‘short path distillation process’ with either butane (BHO) or CO2, which is then refined with alcohol or ethanol. This substance can be very potent and sometimes has added glycerin or pure terpenes.
  • Live resin: a product used specifically for dabbing and vaping. It comes in a variety of yellow to amber colours and many different formats. This product is extracted from freshly harvested cannabis, providing a more flavourful product than standard methods and is considered a full-spectrum extract. The more common extraction methods use either butane or propane as a solvent. Resin is a completely different product than rosin and is made using solvent-less methods.

*This information is for educational purposes, do not try to make this at home.

Some examples of legal vape products include:

Foray by Dosecann Inc.:

  • Rechargeable models with a standard 510-threaded standard vaporizer, USB-chargeable lithium-ion battery. Available in sativa, indica, 1:1 and CBD.
  • The single-use pen is available in both sativa and indica.
  • Both models contain cannabis distillate and botanical terpenes.

Canaca by High Park:

  • The rechargeable model is compatible with a 510-threaded cartridge.
  • Single-use pen.
  • Both models are made with high-potency THC cannabis distillates with no additives, no flavours or thickeners.

Sundial and Top Leaf:

  • The disposable cartridges are available in the standard 510-thread size and come with ceramic tips and heating elements.
  • The product contains THC cannabis oil which is CO2 extracted.
  • The co-ordinating rechargeable CCell all-in-one pen is draw-activated with a ceramic heating element and has an LED indicator.

Many consumers are concerned about the overall safety of regulated vaporizers, which is understandable. What makes a model safe? The quality of the hardware is the most important factor to consider. The secondary factor is the quality of the product, which is tested for microbial and pesticides. Legal concentrates are also being tested for heavy metals and solvents which can come from the extraction process. All licensed producers are required to practice standardized safety protocols, which is the main benefit of purchasing from the legal market.

Still, wondering which vape is right for you? Start by determining what size and features you prefer and if you require convenience or discretion. Then, choose a model that is compatible with your preferred concentrate and enjoy responsibly! To learn more about vaporizers and vape products please talk to a Spiritleaf concierge, find a location nearest you by following this link.

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