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Understanding Vaporizers

There are several different methods available to choose from when consuming Cannabis.  The most common is smoking the dried herb in a joint, pipe, bong or in a vaporizer.  There are also many types of ingestible products to consider such as classic edibles, oils, raw juicing, tinctures and sublingual sprays.  Other available options include transdermal patches, suppositories and even topicals.

A vaporizer is a device that heats up either dried herb or concentrates to a temperature below its combustion point, but still hot enough to release the medicinal compounds.  Inhaling vapour instead of smoke is a healthier alternative to puffing on a joint.  Dried herb vaporizers produce very little second-hand smoke, making these units ideal for discrete use.

If you are wondering if vaping Cannabis is right for you, consider these points before deciding.  These advantages of this method include feeling immediate effects and it requires less product -making it more cost-efficient.  The initial cost of the vaporizer unit, the maintenance required and regular recharging of the battery powder units are some the disadvantages to consider.

There are two models types you can choose between, a ‘dried herb’ or e-liquid (e-juice) units.  Some vapes are made for home use, desktop versions and other units are made portable.  All vaporizers have heating elements and extraction chambers; which are either ceramic, glass, plastic or stainless steel.  Finally, they all have mouthpieces, which is where the vapour is drawn out by inhaling.

Another consideration is choosing a regulated or unregulated model.  The main difference between the two units is the battery function.  Regulated models will not allow you to continue vaping if there isn’t a sufficient charge and control the watts being discharged.  Unregulated units will not always produce the same hit every time if the battery power is low the coils will not heat up as fast.

Vaping is considered to be a lower-risk alternative to traditional smoking whether it is tobacco or Cannabis.  Vaping the herb preserves the flavours of Cannabis better than smoking will.   If you enjoy the flavour of specific terpene profiles found in Cannabis vaping is for you!

Whatever the reason, vaping Cannabis is a great option with few downsides.


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