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ACE Education Series: Cannabis Education

Ace Connects


RISE up!  Uniting with women from all walks of life.  Spiritleaf is happy to collaborate with The Ace Team and Sundial Growers for a night of learning and networking, featuring a female grower as the keynote speaker.  Tickets are available to #AceMember ‘s.  Follow this link to view membership options, https://www.theaceclass.com/memberships.


ACE Education Series:  Cannabis Education

December 4th, 2019

Happy Hour:  5pm – 6pm at LuLu Bar located at 510 17 Avenue SW

Event:  6pm – 7pm at Spiritleaf 17th Ave Unit 2, 506 17 Ave SW


ACE Communitylulubar.caSundial Growers Inc.


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