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What a success! Spiritleaf was pleased to participate in this year’s Hempfest Cannabis Expo in Calgary and to have another opportunity to meet consumers from our local area. It was fantastic for the team to have the chance to mingle with several industry pioneers and consumers excited to learn more about the industry.

Those who visited the booth got to cast their vote on which ‘new’ product they were looking most forward to as more products become regulated in Canada. The winner, by a landslide, was ‘edibles’. This result is most likely because consumers are unaware of all the different types of infused products coming to Canada in the next couple of years. Making for great conversation as we educated many people about what will soon be available in the Cannabis market.

On Saturday afternoon visitors got to hear from a panel of industry leaders and political party representatives as they answered questions from community stakeholders and consumers. During this panel discussion Spiritleaf’s CEO, Darren Bondar shared his experience, perspectives and successes in the Cannabis industry.

This year’s expo also featured Canada’s first legal Cannabis competition, the ‘Hempfest Cup’, which was historic to witness. Featuring local comedian, Pete Zedlacher & Chris Ford (former host of The Cannabis Show) & The Modern Host, Andrew Freedman.

For those watching from home, Spiritleaf shared a live video on Instagram hosting a segment called ‘Ask a Grower’. Several local growers each took turns answering a few short questions, providing some education to new growers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank each grower for taking time out of their evening and sharing helpful tips with the Spiritleaf audience.


Kelly Gibson | KellyHasCrohns

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BOAZ Pharmaceuticals

Bill, BOAZ Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IG)

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Kelly, kelly@studio420calgary.com (IG)

Ivy, Spiritleaf | highplantwitch

Ivy, Spiritleaf (IG)

Spiritleaf is about enjoying life with those who make us happy and viewing every day as an opportunity to try something new.  Celebrating milestones within the Cannabis culture with both consumers and industry members is important to us and we look forward to seeing you next time!

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