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Spiritleaf Stockyards, Toronto Store Grand Opening

SY Grand Opening Facebook Event
Spiritleaf Stockyards, Toronto

Leading the charge!

Spiritleaf will soon be open in the district referred to as the Stockyards, located along St. Clair Avenue in Toronto.  It’s known to be the most populated city in Canada and has over 6 million residents, supporting a range of cultures.  With a highly diversified economy in many industries, it is also home to the Toronto Stock Exchange and is the headquarters for several of Canada’s largest banks.  The city has an array of public spaces such as Nathan Phillips Square, Rouge National Urban Park, High Park and more. There’s a big theatre and performing arts scene including ballet and dance companies, six opera companies, orchestras, etc.  St. Clair Avenue passes through several prominent neighbourhoods, with many popular landmarks, retailers and restaurants located throughout.  This area also partially inspired a famous Canadian song!  Visit this new store in our province’s capital.  Talk with a Spiritleaf concierge for more information by visiting a location nearest you. Get store details here.


Unit 2, 2561 St. Clair Avenue West

Toronto, ONT

Grand opening soon.

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