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Spiritleaf was a proud sponsor of this year’s Cult Gathering!



This 3-day marketing seminar is packed with inspiration and innovations. These brand-leaders shared ideas and inspiration such as:

Happiness is a lack of regret!

Individuals follow (or join) ‘cult-like’ communities to re-enforce their individuality.

A purpose that comes from a universal truth has the greatest impact.

Trust equals currency!

Focus on improving the ‘customer experience’ to differentiate your business in a crowded market. Kevin Keith, OrangeTheory.

Authentic storytelling is key.

This year’s talk from Tweed started with a brief video history of Cannabis history, shown to a large room of professionals from all different industries. Bruce shared some tips about their new infused beverage and that tech advances in accessories (vapes etc) will be the way of the future. He also mentioned that Tweed is doing a sleep trail currently, in an effort to establish medical claims. This was clearly my favourite talk.

Another great session was from Duncan Bureau of Rouge Air (Air Canada), he talked about embracing the culture and real-time marketing. We even got to see Tony Hawk talk.  It was another fantastic year at #TheGathering2019!

Reference:  The Gathering

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