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Alberta on legalizing and regulating cannabis

How will the Alberta government address the legalization of cannabis within their province?

The Alberta government released a draft framework Wednesday outlining the options they are looking at to begin addressing the legalization of cannabis. The province will be continuing to get public feedback until Friday, Oct. 27 at midnight, when they will then begin to put together a specific framework for cannabis sales, distribution, age limits and more.

The government says more than 45,000 Albertans responded to their online survey and the provincial government has completed meetings with over 100 stakeholder and sector groups, including indigenous groups, private industry, municipalities, the AGLC, health-care providers, law enforcement and members of the transportation and labour sectors.

The framework priorities include: 1) keeping cannabis out of the hands of children and youth; 2) protecting public health; 3) promoting safety on roads, in workplaces and in public spaces; and, 4) limiting the illegal cannabis market.

Learn more about Alberta’s regulations. 

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