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Cannabis Store Feature: Spiritleaf Clareview Crossing, Edmonton

Meet the face behind Spiritleaf Clareview

Jesse Girard of Spiritleaf Clareview was gracious enough to sit down with us (virtually) to discuss what lead him to open our seventh cannabis dispensary in Edmonton, the future of the cannabis industry and what he loves about the Spiritleaf brand. The following interview has been slightly edited for brevity and clarity.

Q: Tell us about yourself!

My name is Jesse Girard – I have a trade/management background in the oil and gas sector and have been a cannabis enthusiast for several years. I have a lovely wife with two little girls, two dogs, two cats, two horses, and I feel very fortunate to be a part of the cannabis world!

Q: What brought you into the cannabis industry?

Cannabis has been a big part of my life since my high school days, and I truly enjoy the recreational aspect of smoking but value all of the medicinal benefits it has provided consumers over the years. The most exciting part of this industry is the people, all very welcoming and usually quite chill, with a common goal to further educate and help others understand this wonderful plant. I mean – who can complain about selling cannabis daily and being some of the first to experience all the innovations in this rapidly evolving sector!

Q: Tell us about your location! What do you love about your community?

We are proud to operate a cannabis store in Edmonton, Alberta – specifically at 13750-50St in the Northeast community of Clareview! Located within walking distance of the Clareview LRT and surrounded by other great local businesses, this makes our location the perfect hotspot for all. The Clareview Recreation Centre has all the amenities, including a fitness centre, gym, aquatic centre and indoor playground, making it perfect for all ages! If you’re located in Northeast Edmonton, our Clareview store is the perfect destination to find cannabis near you.

Q: What are your favourite cannabis products, and why?

There are plenty of great products on the market today, but one of my favourite licensed producers has to be OGEN. An Alberta-based LP that knocks it out of the park with their version of a Lemon Z and continues to keep it fresh with new strains launching periodically. I’m currently testing out the new banger and carb cap designed for the Spiritleaf 9″ bong, and I love it! I’m new to “dabbing” and enjoy the clean and robust terpene taste in the concentrates that are out right now, and this may be my preferred method of consuming.

Q: What excites you about the future of the cannabis industry?

I am very excited about all of the innovations, particularly within the edibles and topical segments. We’ll continue to see even more flavour variations of baked goods, candies, and chocolates entering the market in new and creative ways. Topicals are an excellent format for consumers who are not willing to smoke or ingest, providing many relaxing benefits. From lotions to bath salts and everything in-between, there’s something for everyone! Our biggest challenges will be advertising and health regulations. Being able to advertise new products openly and to be able to share the medicinal benefits of this plant with everyone would be ideal.

Q: What do you love about Spiritleaf?

The Spiritleaf brand, people and atmosphere. Spiritleaf has created a chill, up-scale, yet welcoming environment for all, and it’s showcased across the nation with over 100 stores.

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