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An open letter to Instagram

IG Update Facebook 1

Did you hear the news?  Spiritleaf’s official Instagram account was deleted (again) and we have started a new profile for our audience to enjoy.  Please take the time to follow this new account, we appreciate the support.  Our first giveaway happening soon!  Click here.

Read more about this below.

An open letter to Instagram (and Facebook),

We’re sure you know that Cannabis is now legal in Canada for medical and recreational purposes. But did you know that Spiritleaf is a legal company, selling a legal product?

Your community guidelines TOS requires businesses to ‘always follow the law when offering to sell or buy other regulated goods’; which we are doing and does meet the advertising regulations set forth by our Canadian government.

We also believe that as a marketing and social media website accessed by over 77.6 million, that due diligence and current research are important factors in staying relevant while keeping the community safe.

Let’s find a balance! Your Northern Canadian friends want to partner with you to push forward the development of new TOS posting policies that recognize and allow equal opportunity to educate the public and our customers.

Spiritleaf has made a conscious decision to weave social responsibility into our business from day one and deserve an equal opportunity to compete within our industry.


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