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Spiritleaf Celebrates the Second Anniversary of Legalization

Celebrating the second anniversary of legalization in Canada!

Over the past weekend, the cannabis community celebrated the second anniversary of legalization in Canada. Adult-consumers everywhere commemorate this special occasion, in one form or another, freely and with pride. There have been many highs and lows along the way. Overall, legalization is being accepted and the general stigma is starting to fade.

To thank our guests for trailblazing and being part of history with us, Collective members received double the points for visiting a Spiritleaf store during the weekend!  Now that the smoke has cleared, we wanted to share some of the highlights we experienced this last year.  These included:

  • Spiritleaf successfully opened approximately 27 more retail stores from coast to coast. Many of them locally owned and operated, bringing the current number of locations to 63!
  • With a total of 600+ employees company-wide and growing.
  • The successful launch of the Spiritleaf Collective, a free perks program for guests. A community with more than 130K members.  
  • Launching the e-commerce site, selling cannabis directly to those who live in Saskatchewan.  
  • Last but not least, Spiritleaf was both pleased and honored to be awarded the Franchisees’ Choice Designation by The Canadian Franchise Association.

Milestones that couldn’t have been achieved without the support of consumers and dedicated staff.

“We are made up of cannabis & Spiritleaf enthusiasts still improving, learning and working together in a very exciting, ever evolving high growth industry,” said Founder, Director & CEO Darren Bondar.

We will continue to foster true community spirit through what we stand for, who we serve and the products we provide. We are Spiritleaf.

Go back to where it all began and catch up on last year’s legalization highlights here. Talk with a Spiritleaf concierge for more information by visiting a location nearest you, follow this link. *Must be of legal age.

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