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Store Feature: Banff

Known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada, The Town of Banff is found in the heart of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains and is home to several nearby ski resorts and hot springs. The temperatures there usually range between 21.6 °C during the summer months and −13.3 °C in the winter. One of the town’s top attractions includes the Banff Gondola which is located at the base of Sulphur Mountain and provides magnificent views. Another popular attraction is the Cave and Basin National Historic Site which is said to be the birthplace of Canada’s national parks.

The townsite has numerous restaurants of all types amongst its unique shops, keeping the main street busy with many tourists enjoying its overall atmosphere. It is also home to many Châteauesque style hotels, including the most famous ‘Banff Springs Hotel’. The hotel first opened in 1888 and is still open, delighting guests from around the world.

Spiritleaf is proud to be the first Cannabis retailer to open a location within the townsite. The owner, Jeff Hines, has a history of business ownership and a passion for cannabis. He is one of many trailblazers leading the charge in a brand-new industry! Read Jeff’s brief answers to this interview below:

What is your background?

I lived in Banff for 15 years, owned and operated nightclubs, restaurants, rocks & gems stores, and now a cannabis retail store!

Where is your store located?

It can be found at:

203B Bear Street

Banff, Alberta, Canada

Why did you choose to open a Cannabis retail store-front?

Cannabis legalization is the most exciting thing to happen in our lifetime. Cannabis for all!

What attracted you to Spiritleaf?

The Spiritleaf brand, the culture, and the people.

Other interesting facts about you that the public should know?

I taught karate for 15 years.

We are pleased to continue gaining licenses for stores in Alberta to expand the footprint of our Spiritleaf retail cannabis store network to serve additional communities. Find a Spiritleaf location near you, click here for store details.

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