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Store Feature: Medicine Hat

We grow when our communities flourish!  To cultivate deep connections with the local community Spiritleaf now has a location in Cypress County, outside of Medicine Hat.  This area is known for attracting globally-minded creative professionals with their ‘Medicine Hat Advantage’.  Offering a low-cost living and operating environment provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs.  This location is franchised owned and operated, offering an unmatched Cannabis retail experience.

Get to know the store owner, Tabatha and find out more about what motivates her by reading this brief interview below.

  1. What is your background?

I previously have worked as a Customer Service Representative for a Condominium Builder and a Construction Coordinator for Defense Construction Canada prior to becoming a mother in 2014.  Since giving birth to our son I have taken on a new role as a homemaker for the last 5 years.

  1. Where is your store located?

Bay 1, 1335 Trans Canada Way SE

Medicine Hat Alberta T1B 1J1

  1. Why did you choose to open a Cannabis retail store-front?

I wasn’t looking to open a Cannabis retail storefront.  Our son was getting older and it was time for me to rejoin the workforce.  We decided it was a great opportunity to consider a franchise model business and we stumbled upon Spiritleaf through our various franchise explorations.

  1. What attracted you to Spiritleaf?

Well… Spiritleaf was a place I could see my family, friends and myself shopping.  Spiritleaf was everything we were looking for!!

  1. Other interesting facts about you that the public should know?

East Coast Roots – I moved from Nova Scotia to Alberta in 2003 to assist with my brother’s home health care after he was paralyzed in a car accident in Medicine Hat.

To find store locations in your area please click this link.

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