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Store Feature: Moose Jaw

One of the very first Spiritleaf locations to open after legalization last year was the Moose Jaw store!

The store is located in the fourth-largest population centre in Saskatchewan, with a reported population density of approximately 35,926 (2016).  This small city’s economic growth is largely in thanks to cereal agriculture in the area and the establishment of Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) in 1882.  Like most cities, Moose Jaw has its own public library, museum and art gallery, swimming pools and other recreational facilities. It also has its own post-secondary institution, Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

This franchise location is owned and operated by members of the local community.  They are the Fisher Family, from Saskatoon Saskatchewan.  They took a moment to answer some brief questions for us about who they are and why they chose to open a Spiritleaf franchise.

What is your background?

We are a Family of 4. Darcy Fisher is the father to Chelsea Dylan and Mandy. Darcy moved away from the Family farm in Unity SK at 16 years old to go to hairstyling school. 2 years later he entered entrepreneurship and opened his first salon. Eventually opening 5 Chatters salons with his sister Marlene. When Marlene and Darcy were ready to start retiring, they sold 4 locations and kept 1 to teach the younger generation how to run a business.

Most recently in partnership with their mentors; Chelsea, Dylan and Mandy opened a Tommy Guns Original Barbershop location in Saskatoon. Dylan came from a street paving and drilling rigs background, it was a big jump into the salon world! Mandy’s previous career experience is in service industry management. Chelsea has been doing hair since she learned how to use a pair of scissors. She is currently staying in Saskatoon with her 13-year-old son Haiden to operate the Fishers’ salons. Dylan and Mandy moved to Moose Jaw to co-manage daily operations of our first Cannabis store. Hopefully, in 6 years we’ll have Haiden out here too.

Where is your store located?

Civic Center Plaza

Unit 6-10 1251 Main Street N

Moose Jaw SK

Why did you choose to open a retail storefront?

When the federal government announced Cannabis will be legalized, we immediately knew that opening a dispensary was the next direction for our Family business. Our Family has been involved in Cannabis culture all of our lives and are passionate about spreading Cannabis education with a positive approach.

What attracted you to Spiritleaf?

Have you met Courtney?… We looked into every Cannabis franchise Canada had to offer. Spiritleaf was a clear choice for a multitude of reasons. We researched the management team and what the company had to boast. After reviewing all our potential opportunities, we contacted Spiritleaf.  Once we got to meet the team at Spiritleaf Headquarters, it was a no-brainer. These people are who we want to work with.

Other interesting facts about you that the public should know?

Dylan knows how to juggle.

Spiritleaf has created a modern retail model that offers legitimacy, reputability, professionalism and a feeling of confidence, with plans of opening over 100 locations across Canada.  To get in on the ground floor of this budding industry email us for more information!

For more store locations in your area by clicking this link.

Reference:  Global Newsthecanadianencyclopedia.ca.

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