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Store Feature: Stittsville, Ottawa

We are proud to be a Canadian retailer and are pleased to have more than one Spiritleaf location in Ottawa, Ontario.  This capital city of Canada features the iconic Parliament Hill buildings and several national museums. One of this city’s main attractions is Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This marvellous structure is currently the oldest continuously operated canal system in North America!

Find this location west of Ottawa’s downtown core, in the community of Stittsville. Part of the City of Ottawa, Stittsville is considered to be a suburban community with pristine outdoor spaces, shopping and dining. This district is home to more than 41,000 residents many of which work within the high tech, government and educational sectors that abound within the Ottawa area. 

Looking for things to do in the area?  Catch a game with the National Hockey League’s Ottawa Senators, located at the Canadian Tire Centre, five minutes from Stittsville.  Visit the Diefenbunker Museum in Carp – Ottawa’s most unique historic site.  This four-storey, 100,000 square foot underground bunker was built between 1959 and 1961 during the Cold War for government and military officials to take cover in case of a nuclear incident.  Also, a visit to Saunders Farm is always recommended.  Since 1976, this family-owned 100-acre agri-tourism destination has hosted many seasonal events for locals and tourists.  Or immerse yourself in nature by taking a walk on The Trans Canada Trail, the world’s longest trail network that cuts right through the town.

Learn more about the amazing ownership duo who are working towards the normalization of cannabis below.

What is your first name and professional background?

Cara and Tim 

We have been entrepreneurs and business owners for the past twenty-one years and understand what it takes to create a successful community business.   

We have owned and operated two Oil Changers quick-lube businesses, one for twenty years and one for nine. Over the years we have hired and mentored hundreds of young adults and are proud of the opportunity we have had to make a difference in their lives as well as having the ability to offer amazing customer service to our many valued customers.

   Where is your store located?

Our store is located in the town of Stittsville on the west end of Ottawa in the Crossing Bridge Mall, at the corner of Stittsville Main Street and Carp Road.  The address is  1250 Stittsville Main Street, Unit C10, Stittsville, Ontario K2S 1S9  and we can be reached at 613-831-4445.   

As well as in-store shopping, we also offer our customers the ability to order online and pick up in-store.  Simply go to www.spiritleaf.ca and select Stittsville to find our live menu and place your order.

   Why did you choose to open a Cannabis retail storefront?

Ever since Justin Trudeau mentioned he was going to legalize recreational cannabis in Canada we wanted to be part of this new and exciting industry.   The stigma and back alley mentality around cannabis was something we were both interested in dispelling and we knew with a company and brand like Spiritleaf that we would be able to do that.   We were very excited about the idea of opening a classy, beautiful recreation cannabis retail store and be Canadian pioneers in showcasing this new industry to the world. 

   What attracted you to Spiritleaf?

As Canada was discussing cannabis legalization, we attended a franchise show in Toronto where we met with Darren Bondar the CEO of Spiritleaf.  Before we could finalize joining the Spiritleaf team, the Province of Ontario decided the Ontario Cannabis Store would be the sole distributor of cannabis in Ontario.   When Doug Ford changed the process and opened the market to privately owned cannabis retail stores we again contacted Spiritleaf.  Through our research, we found the Spiritleaf team and their brand to be exceptional.  We knew then, and still know that Spiritleaf was the best choice for us.

   Other interesting facts about you that the public should know?

Tim and I moved to Stittsville from London, Ontario in 1996 when I was offered a job with Newbridge, an Ottawa-based high-tech network company and shortly after Tim opened and operated our first Oil Changers franchise.   In 2011 we opened our second Oil Changers in St. Catharines, Ontario.

After 14 years in Stittsville, we purchased a home backing onto the Ottawa River and now enjoy the outdoor lifestyle the river offers us year-round when we are not busy running the businesses we love.

Tim and I have been married for 33 years and have one son Mitch who works with us in managing our retail cannabis store.

#MyOttawa #MyStittsville

Please visit their Instagram and Facebook profiles for information on this location!



Learn more about the recreational cannabis retail experience by visiting a Spiritleaf location nearest you, https://spiritleaf.azurewebsites.net/locations/. *Must be of legal age.

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