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Store Feature: Topsail Road, St. John’s

We are anchored by our history!


Spiritleaf is genuinely excited to have a location open in beautiful St. John’s, in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  This area has breathtaking coastal beaches and proudly features Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site and harbor.  The lighthouse, known to be the oldest in the province, is located on rugged cliffs overlooking the North Atlantic Ocean.  To view the city, visitors can enjoy a scenic walk along the Signal Hill walking trail.

Its downtown core is famous for its colourful houses and storefronts, in an area nicknamed Jellybean Row.  With bright facades in Crayola colours, these cheery buildings attract many tourists from around the world.  Technically considered the most easterly point in North America, this unique city offers plenty of recreation and entertainment.  Take a tour to see the whales, enjoy a drive on the coast, or eat at one of many award-winning restaurants.

Learn about the partnership between this local cultivator and the Spiritleaf franchise, creating a network of cannabis retail locations province wide.  Below you can read more about Chris, his background and much more.

1.         What is your first name and what is your professional background?

My name is Chris and I created a not for profit but mutually beneficial medical cannabis collective and started cultivating medical cannabis while attending university in California from 2007-2012. Once moved back to Canada, spent 5 years in Oil and Gas project management until leaving fulltime to pursue Atlantic Cultivation in 2017. For the last three years, I have been the COO and founder of Atlantic which is nearing substantial completion of its cannabis cultivation facility and currently launching a Spiritleaf retail network across the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

2.         Where is your store located?

Our first location is located at 673 Topsail Rd. St. John’s, NL Canada.

With an additional four locations opening in Newfoundland and Labrador throughout the year!

3.         Why did you choose to open a Cannabis retail store-front?

I believe the key to success in anything is creating a team of passionate people. Spriitleaf is exactly that team and they deliver the ultimate retail experience that has elevated Atlantic Cultivation’s offering to local cannabis consumers and those looking to join the NL cannabis industry.

4.         What attracted you to Spiritleaf?

The people, the team, the brand.

5.         Other interesting facts about you that the public should know?

I lived in China, Thailand and Brazil teaching martial arts and competing professionally from 17-24 before moving to Cali and growing that fire.


Get store details by visiting www.spiritleaf.ca!  *Must be of legal age.


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