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Ace Valley CBD Vape Pen Review

Ace Valley CBD Vape Pen Product Review.

ACE V Website
Ace Valley CBD Vape Pen

Producer:  MediPharm Labs Inc.

Brand:  Ace Valley

Labeled as:  274 mg of THC and 505 mg of CBD (2:1 CBD:THC)

Species/details:  n/a

Format:  0.28g of cannabis concentrate, single use vape pen

Ace Valley CBD Vape Pen

Rated 1 (low score) to 5 (high score)

Packaging/Weight:  I’ll rate this category a 4.  It was packaged in a white, child-proof box with matching vape pen.  The box had all the required government warnings and stamps.  This concentrate was packaged recently and is fairly fresh.  The label doesn’t say anything about the species but gives terpene details, which is forward-thinking.  The downside, this vape pen is not reusable and requires proper disposal.

Look:  I’m rating this a 3, for neutral.  It’s difficult to assess the quality of the concentrates inside the cartridge, as there is a very small window to see the product.  This also makes it difficult to know when the vaporizer is empty, which could be frustrating for consumers.  However, the pen does have a colorful indicator light which is activated when inhaled and is easy to use.

Smell:  I will rate this another 3.  There is no odour detected, making it difficult to rate.  The main terpene in this concentrate is Myrcene, which is found in mangos, bay leaves and lemongrass.  It also contains Pinene, a component found in pine resin and other coniferous plants. This terpene profile also includes Caryophyllene and can be found in herbs like pepper and clove.

Taste:  I’m rating this a 4.  The flavour was smooth but strong when initially inhaled, with a more mild and pleasant aftertaste.  The label says this concentrate has an earthy flavour, with hints of pine and lemongrass, with no taste of solvents detected.

Comments:  The concentrate has no carrier oils, but is made with pure cannabis oil and botanical terpenes. It is made using a multi-phased Supercritical C0₂ extraction process and is Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified.  The vape pen itself is said to provide around 150 puffs.  For me, this concentrate is ideal because of its balanced effects from both the THC and CBD.  I have honestly purchased this pen numerous times for its convenience and overall effects.  According to the website, this product is currently available from coast to coast!

Grow Notes:  This concentrate is made using a cultivar based on the popular AC/DC strain which is possibly Sativa-dominant.

Click here to read our Complete Guide to Recreational CBD, in this previous article! Explore our products by visiting a Spiritleaf location near you, click this link. *Must be of legal age. This product review is for educational purposes. For information about the risks associated with cannabis use, visit the Health Canada website. As a retailer, we are unable to advertise actual prices due to government regulation.

This product review was written by Kelly Gibson, copycontractor.com.

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