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Producer:  Aurora Cannabis

Cost:  Click to website for pricing information.

Labeled as: THC 11.5% and CBD 2.7%

Species:  Indica


Rated 1 (low score) to 5 (high score)

Packaging/Weight:  Rated a 3.  The product received weight almost perfectly at 4.9 grams and comes in a medium size plastic container, which is awkward to carry.  The label could be more informative by showing the main terpene profiles.

Look:  Rating this a 2.5.  This product comes pre-milled with some small sticks still present.  The color of the flower is mixed, most is light green with some is dark green and there is no visible crystal seen because it has been milled.

Smell:  Will rate this a 4.  The aroma was earthy with hints of floral undertones, which was very pleasant.  The main terpene is Myrcene, which comes from bay leaves and has several benefits including controlling inflammation.  Also, Terpinolene, which is found in allspice and Lilacs and is an effective Antibacterial component.

Taste:  Giving this a 4.  The initial taste is strong when consumed in a joint, possibly due to the earthy terpenes present in this strain.  But the aftertaste was pleasurable and lingered for several minutes after.

Effects:  Rated a 3.5.  I felt mildly relaxed after using this product and was still alert without a strong ‘head-high’.  The medicinal effects were subtle overall (individual results will vary).

Comments:  The product from this producer comes finely-milled from whole buds and can also be purchased in a sativa variety.  The combination of species type, THC level and terpenes present provide a mildly sedative effect which could help with both anxiety and depression.  The terpene profile of this product could also provide anti-cancer effects when used long term.  This strain is recommended for night time use.  The pre-milled product is convenient for vaping, which makes it an ideal product for seniors and those who want to avoid smoking dried herb.  I would use this strain again.

References:  terpene.info, Lift & Co.

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