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Bong Water Alternatives

Cannabis is going mainstream with legalization happening in Canada this fall.  There will be no end of possibilities when it comes to how to consume and why.  The methods and ways in which we consume Cannabis are very personal and unique to everyone as each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.  One topic worth exploring is the possible bong water alternatives.  Why?  Using plain water in your bong is the most functional, however, there are more ways to elevate the experience.

A bong, which is also called a water pipe, is a filtration device generally used for smoking Cannabis, tobacco, or other herbal substances.  Bongs have been in use since the 16th century and were first introduced by the Ming Dynasty in China.  In India, the hookah was also used to vaporize or smoke flavored tobacco or Cannabis as far back as the 1560’s.

The main purpose of a bong is to enhance the user’s experience by cooling down the inhaled smoke.  This method also filters out heavier particles and water-soluble molecules, preventing things like tar from entering the smoker’s airways.  These devices come in all sizes and are made from many different types of materials such as glass, plastic, wood, clay, bamboo and ceramics.

The bong itself is made up of a handful of parts and includes the bowl, which is where the herb is combusted.  It can sometimes have a carb hole, this is used to clear excess smoke from the chamber.  Then there’s the base, which is where the water or liquid is added.  Finally, the tube and mouthpiece which is where to smoke fills up and the user inhales.

New advancements in consumption have led to many fun and unique methods.  There are several alternatives to using just plain water in your bong.  These options include cold or warm tea, infused water, cranberry juice, soda pop and even wine with a low alcohol content.  Some more outrageous options include hot sauce and mouthwash, which sound dreadful to me.

Another method which is worth sharing uses liquefied, cold pressed coconut oil instead of the traditional plain water.  This method could potentially increase the effects of THC because of the high-fat content present.  This medium will also help to keep your bong clean!  In a recent article from VICE, water sommelier Martin Reise recommends chilled Fiji water to cool down the smoke and for a smooth texture giving the Cannabis flower a crisp and clean taste.

Spiritleaf wants to know if you are the kind of consumer who likes to use traditional, plain water in your bong or do you like to walk on the wild side?  Have you tried any of these alternatives?  If so, tell us on social media!



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