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BRNT Designs

Many Cannabis accessory brands like to build off of established images and traditional perceptions of old-school Cannabis consumption. Then there are the brands that look to burst out of the established and change the game. BRNT, a Canadian-based manufacturer of cannabis accessories, offer a selection of sleek, mindfully-crafted products that fit seamlessly into the lives of almost any cannabis consumer.

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Breaking the mold has been a hallmark of BRNT since day one. CEO Simon Grigenas was dissatisfied with the fragile and stigma-loaded accessories available to him after obtaining a medical marijuana license to help with recovery from a motorcycle accident. Together with longtime collaborator Andrew Feltham, BRNT produced the first prototypes for accessories in 2017.

BRNT grew out of a single crowdfunded campaign set in October 2017. The original goal of $20,000 was met and surpassed less than a month later. They continue to build off the success of that early campaign, creating new and innovative products that push the Cannabis space forward.

Innovators and Futurists are the foundation of BRNT Designs. This manufacturer is committed to creating the Cannabis space of tomorrow, sharing their products and experience with the expanding community.

BRNT currently has five well-designed products being offered, including the iconic Hexagon ceramic water pipe. Currently available in three colours, the Hexagon is freezer and dishwasher safe thanks to its ceramic design. The Hexagon was nominated as one of the “Top bongs” by the Canadian Cannabis Awards in 2018.

You can also purchase the Faro, which is a concrete handheld pipe. The product line also offers The Malua, a concrete storage container. Then there is the Briq, which is a concrete ashtray featuring a walnut lid. Last but not least, there is the Yaketa tray made entirely from walnut, for your rolling pleasure.


“I love my Briq ashtray! I appreciate its high-end design and that this Cannabis accessory fits seamlessly into my modern lifestyle. It artfully provides me and my home with a certain level of discretion, making this more than just an ashtray.” -Spiritleaf Guest testimonial

We are proud to have these premier accessories by BRNT Designs at our Spiritleaf stores. Click the link to the website for store locations and hours and don’t forget to join our mailing list for updates!

Some content and images provided by BRNT.

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