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Cannabis Culture Slang

The cannabis culture has a deep history which has been slowly cultivating since the plant was first discovered, more than 4000 years ago.  It is a proud, multi-cultured niche of society with a spirit of caring and sharing, inspired by the plant itself.  One aspect of the culture is the use of unique slang, several terms describing cannabis or the consumption of it.  If you are new to the culture, there may be some terms and phrases used that aren’t as familiar to you.  Find out how to decode the most common references in this quick guide below!

Culture related:

Have you heard of 420 or 710?  Four-Twenty (or 420) is a slang term used in the cannabis culture referring to the consumption of the herb, particularly at 4:20 each day and on April 20 each year. The same is true for Seven-Ten (or 710), but instead of celebrating only dried cannabis this time and day celebrates consuming cannabis concentrates.  Learn the full history about this important milestone in this previous article on The LEAF. 

Cannabis specific:

A joint has many references including doobie, left-handed cigarette, reefer, or spliff to name a few.  Don’t forget to save the roach!  This term simply refers to the remains or butt of the joint.  The size of the joint can be referenced many ways amongst consumers.  If someone describes the joint as a pinner, this means it is small and skinny.  A fatty is the opposite, meaning it is unusually big.  The quality of the flower also has many descriptors.  Good cannabis is often referred to as being dank or that it is sticky-icy, all desirable qualities of high-quality bud.  Whereas bad flower is called ditch weed or referred to as schwag, which is the worst of the worst. The term ‘OG‘ actually refers to a cultivar that is ocean grown.

Consumption and Etiquette:

For those who prefer to consume concentrates are referred to as dabbers and the act itself is called dabbing.  If someone is described as bogarting the joint this means the person is hogging it or lets it burn too long before passing it along. Before partaking in a group ‘sesh’ consider proper etiquette to avoid being known as the one who bogarts the joint. Read more about this topic on the blog.

The term hotbox refers to individuals who consume cannabis in a confided space; smoking cannabis in a steamy bathroom, a tent or vehicle.  Consuming cannabis while driving, or in a vehicle, is never recommended.  Always practice responsible consumption! When someone consumes too much THC and experiences discomfort such as dizziness or nausea this is called greening-out.  It is important to know this sensation maybe uncomfortable but not harmful.  This previous article tells you how to avoid this from happening to you.


Bonus:  Find out why the image of a pineapple has become a symbol of cannabis culture, in this previous article!

Now that you know more about the culture and the slang used you can be more confident with your knowledge and have a better understanding of its intricacies, making it a more enjoyable experience.

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