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Cannabis-Friendly Activities

Summer is around the corner!  If you are a Cannabis user, you may be asking ‘what Cannabis-friendly activities can I do this year?  We have some good suggestions for you to consider before finalizing your plans, particularly if you live in Canada.

Always use common sense and be considerate when consuming.  Vaping and smoking recreational Cannabis in public may not be allowed in certain areas, each municipality will potentially be different.  Public consumption will also be banned in playgrounds, pools and sports fields where children are present.  Stick to designated smoking areas, stay five meters from doorways and be considerate of fire hazards.

Homemade edibles are always a suitable alternative to vaping and smoking!  Taking some infused edibles along on your hike or to an outdoor concert can be both convenient and discreet.  Most importantly, know your tolerance level.  Always start low and go slow, particularly when using edibles.  Remember, edibles can take an average of thirty minutes to two hours to feel effects, so plan accordingly.

Check social media to find out about the underground Cannabis community in your area, some major cities will have ‘puff’ lounges which can offer activities like ladies nights and ganja yoga.  This is a fantastic way to connect with others in the community who have similar interests and is a fantastic way to learn more about Cannabis first hand.

Hiking is a very popular activity for most Cannabis users.  Some local Calgary treasures are the Reader Rock Garden Historic Park and The Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area.  Check out the amazing swimming hole at Horseshoe Lake in Jasper.   For those in central Ontario, try exploring the beautiful Oro-Medonte bike trail.  A favorite urban adventure is the Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, for those in the Vancouver area.

There are several other Cannabis-friendly options including horseback riding, fishing and even Pokemon Go!  For those who prefer to stay home, some indoor activities to consider are reading, painting, crafting, baking and more!

Legalization will potentially introduce some new and interesting activities for Cannabis consumer to enjoy.  These could include legal puff lounges, Cannabis-infused therapeutic services, Cannabis-centered city tours and maybe even Cannabis-friendly arcades as the market matures and develops.

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