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Cannabis Infused Chocolate Product Review

For those who crave a sweet treat, chocolate is the top choice for most Canadians. Statista.com reports that in June 2019, overall sales for ‘sober’ chocolate amounted to approximately 128.57 million Canadian dollars. For adults in Canada, infused chocolates are now available at legal retailers, as part of the second phase of legalization which includes edibles, topicals, extracts and vape products. Each province has a different selection of products available, depending on what has been approved for sale.

I recently tried a small variety of cannabis-infused chocolates; read on to find out how these products compare.


First up, Aurora drift! The Sea Salt Caramel Milk Chocolate Squares come in 5 small pieces, each containing 2mg of THC for a total of 10mg per package, which is compliant with regulations. The strain is Sativa dominant and the concentrate used was extracted with the CO2 process. Both the sugar and fat content are reasonable. The chocolate is packaged in a large, child-resistant cardboard box with all the required warnings and stamps. It smelled sweet and I enjoyed the taste of this treat very much. There was no cannabis flavour in these chocolates, possibly due to its small format. The small format is also good for sharing or for micro-dosing. I felt no effects from the chocolate, but I would enjoy these again.

Next, I tried the Chowie Wowie brand from High Park, called Balance Solid Milk Chocolate. The chocolate came in two pieces, each containing 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD for a total of 10mg per package. The strain is a blend, with no dominant variety listed and was also extracted using the CO2 process. The sugar and fat content in these squares is fairly low. The colourful, child-resistant pouch was hard to open but stored well in my bag and had all the required labelling. It tasted like traditional plain chocolate, with some mild flavour of cannabis detected. I would purchase this again because it contained both THC and CBD, which is a good value for the money.

Hooray for Foray! Last but not least, I was fortunate to enjoy the Vanilla Chai Milk Chocolate Square from the producer Dosecann. This large piece of premium chocolate has a total of 10mg of THC and is from a Sativa dominant strain that is made with a blended distillate THC infusion, using the CO2 process. This product also has a low amount of sugar and fat. It comes in a child-resistant pouch which was hard for me to open but had the required warnings and stamps. The chocolate smelled and tasted like sweet vanilla and melted in my mouth. This bigger format was ideal for me as I have a higher tolerance. One of the best chocolates yet, which I do plan to purchase again.

Consuming edibles is an easy alternative to inhaling cannabis, particularly if you prefer discretion. However, the onset is much different from inhaled cannabis and depends on several factors. When trying new strains or products its is recommended you always start with a low dose and increase slowly.  Most importantly, always wait more than an hour before consuming more.

To learn more about the new products available in Canada, visit a Spiritleaf nearest you for more information.

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