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Cannabis Soft-Chew Product Review

Cannabis-infused edibles have been making their way onto retailers’ shelves across Canada recently. The selection of products available currently is limited, as the rollout has been slow. For several reasons, including the long regulatory approval process and distribution times involved. In addition to the ingestible oils and capsules already available on the market, consumers can now get cannabis-infused chocolates, cookies, mints and soft chews.  Learn more about the subject of edibles and compare some of the new, legal products below.

Gummies, or soft chews as they are sometimes known as are in high demand already. This is because there is a large sector of consumers interested in these types of products, as an alternative to smoking cannabis. Another reason is that the infused gummy is recognizable, due to its long history in the illegal market. Why call these soft chews? This is to lessen the appeal to young people and to give the new products more legitimacy. The soft chews are available in both THC and CBD varieties and come in many delicious flavours. Currently, the government allows for a maximum of 10 milligrams of THC per package.

AURORA drift offers gummies in grape, peach and raspberry flavours, each infused with a high-quality cannabinoid extract.

I recently tried the sativa raspberry flavoured gummies: five candies with a total of 10 milligrams of THC. The gummies came in a small plastic container, which is excessive but has the required information and stamp. The overall look was basic and round with a red, opaque colour. They appeared to be fresh and smelled fruity. The candy tasted sweet and fruity too -very enjoyable overall.  I consider myself to be a regular consumer and have a high tolerance, so I didn’t notice any obvious effects. This format would be great for those interested in micro-dosing. I enjoyed the product and would purchase it again.

Kolab Project’s soft chews are available in Grapefruit Hibiscus, Lemon Lavender and Apple Green tea flavours. These are free from artificial ingredients or animal products and are gluten-free.

Then I tried the grapefruit hibiscus version, which is my fav soft-chew so far.  This edible is produced with a mix of strains and contains two chews with a total of 10 milligrams of THC. These candies came in a small plastic sealable pouch, which is easier to transport and did have all the required product information. Although, I did have a difficult time opening the package. These larger candies were pink with a sugary substance on the outside and were super soft. The initial flavour was very fruity and enjoyable. However, the after-taste was strong with a noticeable flavour of cannabis compared to other chews. I did not feel any noticeable effects from this single package but would purchase this product again for its overall quality.

Brandi, a consumer, shares that the apple green tea version also contains two chews, each with a total of 1 milligram of THC and 5 milligrams of CBD. These edibles are currently being produced with a mix of strains. The packaging is the same, coming in a resealable pouch. The candies were bright yellow, with a sugary substance on the outside and an enjoyable texture. This consumer says these chews tasted good, just like apple green tea. But, like the grapefruit hibiscus, the flavour became strong towards the end, with a bitter taste of cannabis and tea. She felt some mild effects from this product and thinks this would be ideal for those with a low tolerance because it is CBD dominant.

The San Rafael ’71 brand also has its own selection of infused gummies, which are available in either pineapple or blue-raspberry flavours. These are made from pure high-quality cannabinoid extract -products made for discerning adults.

The pineapple gummy is delicious! This sativa dominant product comes with five candies and has a total of 10 milligrams of THC. These gummies came in a small plastic container, which is not my preference but did have the required product information. The gummies were simple and round, with an opaque yellow colour. They smelled and tasted very sweet, with no odour of cannabis. I felt no noticeable effects from these gummies but enjoyed this product and would buy it again.

New consumers are encouraged to start with a low dose and to increase their consumption slowly. It is also recommended to try products in a safe environment and with someone you trust. Edibles typically have a longer onset time than inhaled products and can lead to consumers unintentionally green-out. If you have consumed too much THC you may feel uncomfortable, but it is important to know it is not harmful.

Soon, there will be a greater variety of edibles for sale, including numerous infused beverages and teas for consumers to enjoy. To learn more about the new products available in Canada, visit Spiritleaf nearest you for more information.

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