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Discover More About the Cannabis ‘Value Brands’ Available Now in Canada!

One of the main objectives of the legalization of cannabis in Canada is to reduce criminal involvement by providing adults access to regulated cannabis.  However, the results have been mixed so far.  Reducing the black market has been slow due to delays in government licensing and limited product availability during the first year.  The other reason consumers still purchase illegal products is that the cost is still very low, compared to the average price in the legal market.  To combat this, many legal producers have begun to bring competitive products to the market priced well below the current average. 

These value brands come in a variety of formats and strains, below is a short list of what’s available now for you to compare.

Good and simple! First, there’s ‘The Batch Quints’ by High Park.  This hybrid blended strain comes with five, half-gram pre-rolls with a THC potency between 10-15.9%. The joints came in a sealed plastic tube and had all the required government warnings and stamps. This container was easy to open and is convenient to transport. The joints are uniform, rolled with white paper and included a large filter. It is difficult to see or smell the dried cannabis in this form but noticed a slightly dank odour, possibly myrcene, upon opening the package. When this product was inhaled the flavour was strong and not desirable but the after-taste did improve. These pre-rolls did burn evenly, which is a great advantage compared to other products on the market. I did feel immediate effects from this half-gram joint and felt very chill. This no-frills cannabis brand provides good value for the price, making it a great option for budget-conscious consumers.  The Batch also comes in either half-quarter or quarter ounce formats.

No nonsense, good quality flower!  Then there’s the ’Daily Special’ Sativa from Aurora drift.  This particular batch was labelled as having 16% THC with no CBD. Packaged in a small, black plastic container with the required government labels, it weighed exactly as labelled and was packaged recently, which means it was fairly fresh. The buds were all very small and I did find a stick inside which is unfortunate. The herb itself was a light green colour with lots of pistils and trichomes seen. There is no specific terpene profile found except that it is both sweet and fruity, or citrusy as consumers have shared online. The flavour was strong when inhaled but had a pleasant aftertaste. I had no mental fog or lethargic feelings after consuming this product and felt good overall. You can purchase this dried flower in three formats: 3.5 grams, 7 grams and 15 grams. 

Offering the best value for less! Also available from Aurora drift is the ‘Daily Special’ Indica! This flower had a total of 17% THC with no CBD and its weight was within regulation. The product came in a black plastic container with all the required government labels but was awkward to transport due to its larger size. These buds were small but noticeably compact with a medium green colour and plenty of dark orange pistils. Consumers online share that the product has a mild, earthy and musky aroma. When in inhaled the herb had a strong, almost spicy flavour. The combination of both the medium- to high-THC content and species did make it a pleasant experience for me. Like the Sativa variety, this product can be purchased in 3.5 grams, 7 grams and 15 grams formats.

Both products from this producer offer consumers straight-up good quality flower, at an affordable price.

Straightforward and uncomplicated!  For those who want a full ounce of dried flower, there’s the Original Stash from HEXO Corp.  This product referred to as OS.130, is a Sativa strain made from a ‘blend’ of cultivars that are sun-grown by the producer in hybrid greenhouses.  This batch has a total of 14% THC with less than 1% CBD and weighs within regulation, 28 grams.  The bud is packaged in a convenient resealable, odor-proof, and child-resistant pouch; with all the required government labels.  The nugs all varied in size, they were mostly round and impressively compact but were dry to the touch.  Unfortunately, there were some small sticks included in the package.  The flower from this batch was a medium green colour with orange hairs but had few crystals seen.  The main terpene is myrcene, which provides a dank and earthy aroma.  The flavour was strong when inhaled with a slightly bitter after taste, even with a natural paper. With Hybrid and Indica varieties coming soon to retailers, this product is totally legit.

*    Individual results will vary; these product reviews are for educational purposes.

When choosing a product that is right for you first consider your tolerance level, identify what experience you are looking for and how much money you want to spend. In Canada currently, there are several different consumption methods and many innovative new products available to cannabis consumers, with options for every adult who wishes to participate in the legal market.

As a retailer, we are unable to advertise actual prices due to government regulation, so please visit a Spiritleaf location nearest you for more information, https://spiritleaf.azurewebsites.net/locations/.

Enjoy responsibly. *Must be of legal age.

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