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Consumption Etiquette

Cannabis legalization is around the corner here in Canada, bringing with it a wave of potential new consumers.  If you are new to Cannabis or are an occasional user there are some guidelines you should know before partaking in a group ‘sesh’.  These are some of the most important points to know for a successful session:

Always pitch in!  Cannabis may grow on trees, but it still costs money and is hard to access.  Running out a time or two is one thing but don’t be that person who never buys Cannabis but smokes your friends stash constantly.  Sharing is caring!

Keep your slobber to yourself, no one wants a damp joint or wet pipe in their mouth.  Be polite and wipe it before you pass it.  Always admit when you’re sick because your friends don’t want to get your cold, be considerate.

Puff, Puff, and pass…not puff and talk!  Pause your convo so you can have your turn, the joint is not a microphone.  This is an easy rule to remember and could save you some embarrassment, don’t be rude and bogart the joint.

Here is more ‘stoner’ etiquette to know and follow designed to not offend others in the circle, most are common sense:  Don’t pressure those who don’t want to participate, do not steal the lighter, always pass to the left, be considerate and help the new person operate the bong.

Most importantly – start low, go slow!

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