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Conversations with Terpene Science Enthusiasts (2/4)

Hear directly from those in the cannabis industry about this important and complex topic of terpene science.

This series of interviews encompasses a diverse group of terpene enthusiasts from all areas of the cannabis industry. These experts include Spiritleaf staff, community influencers and high-level executives. Learn how each developed an interest in the subject of terpenes, about common misconceptions, possible new innovations and more.

Our next interview is with the extraction specialist behind the Greybeard Cannabis brand, someone with a real passion for the subject of terpene science. Continue reading below to find out more.

  • Please start by telling our readers your first name and a brief intro about yourself.

Mat here, Director of Extraction at Thrive … which is just a fancy way of saying that I get to make amazing concentrates all day. Our focus at Thrive is to stay true to the plants that we care for and terpene preservation plays a big role in the production of our live resin concentrates.

  • Where does your interest in terpenes come from and how is this passion influencing your career?

My passion for terpenes dates back to 2010, when I began growing cannabis more seriously and started educating myself about all the incredible things this plant has to offer – one of the most incredible being the huge variety of terpenes cannabis can create. My goal is to preserve as much of the plants’ original essence as possible, which drives a constant pursuit of better ways to achieve the same task.

Mat misc Apr
  • Which terpene do you find the most fascinating and why?

That’s a tough one… There are so many terpenes that modulate how you experience cannabis, but actually, one thing that many people don’t know, and that I find incredibly fascinating, is that terpenes are the basis of so many common compounds. For example, testosterone, oestrogen, and cholesterol are all terpenoids based on terpenes. Also, any of the acyclic polyterpenes like latex or polypropylene (hard plastics) are in the same category. Terpenes are incredibly diverse and never cease to amaze me!

  • What is the most common terpene related question you get asked?

“Is there such a thing as too many terps?” – I get asked this one a lot, and my answer is always “Too much of anything, is never a good thing”. While I don’t have direct, cannabis-related data to draw from, there are plenty of studies that have looked at terpene exposure in the workplace and the general consensus is to proceed with moderation.

  • Is there something in particular you would like to share about terpenes, something that might often be misunderstood?

Cannabis produces a wider variety of terpenes than any other plant that we know of, with individual plants producing multiple different terpenes and, in some cases, changing their terpene profile completely depending on where they are in their growth stage. All of this to say, producing cannabis (or cannabis extracts) with a consistent terpene profile is as difficult as producing identical wines, two years in a row. I believe this is something that isn’t well understood by the masses just yet.

  • Is there another terpene expert in the industry you admire, who is it and why?

Tony Verzura comes to mind. Tony became well known in 2013 for popularizing full-spectrum cannabis derived terpenes and incorporating them into a variety of cannabis products. He’s since gone on to develop a line of high-terpene cannabis extracts that he produces with his patented solventless technology. 

  • Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

Learn everything you can about everything you can. Never stop learning. That, and “…find better weed.”

Thank you, Mat, for sharing your knowledge and experiences with our audience!  Due to government regulations, we are unable to show images of any person(s) and encourage you to check out these links below. 

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