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Conversations with Terpene Science Enthusiasts (3/4)

Hear directly from those in the cannabis industry about this important and complex topic of terpene science.

This series of interviews encompass a diverse group of terpene enthusiasts from all areas of the cannabis industry. These experts include some Spiritleaf staff, community influencers and high-level executives. Learn how each developed an interest in the subject of terpenes, about common misconceptions, possible new innovations and more.

A cannabis educator and public speaker!  Kelsey educates others about plant science to make cannabis a more approachable subject for all.  See below to find out more about this ‘women in weed’.

Spiritleaf |Kelsey Cannabis
  • Please start by telling our readers your name and a brief intro about yourself.

My name is Kelsey Cannabis, and I am an Alberta-based Cannabis Educator and Public Speaker who has certifications from the Cannabis Training University, The Trichome Institute, Cannareps, and the University of Alberta. As a long-term medical cannabis patient and Brain Care Centre Ambassador, I love to share my first-hand knowledge of the therapeutic properties of cannabis. I strive to educate the Canadian cannabis community about the facts of this plant and am committed to being a powerful voice, speaking about where the industry is headed and how we can debunk the myths (and improper terminology) plaguing the industry.

  • Where does your interest in terpenes come from and how is this passion influencing your career?

My interest in terpenes comes from the intoxicating knowledge that cannabis has to offer. Sharing terpene-specific education influences my career drive to educate more people about this form of ancient plant medicine. 

  • In March, you hosted an online event featuring Terpenes, about what they are and why consumers should care. Can you give our readers a brief summary to explain more?

In cannabis plants, terpenes can be found in the trichomes. These trichomes contain the resin glands where terpenes (and cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, etc.) can be found. This is quite important in that the therapeutic properties of cannabis, whether being used for recreational or medical purposes, can be found not only in cannabinoids but also in terpenes. If you do not learn about terpenes, where they are located, or how to protect them from degradation, then the quality of your flower, or even your brand reputation, can suffer. 

  • The industry is leaning more towards product-specific chemistry, instead of labeling everything Indica or Sativa. What role do you think terpenes will play as consumers become more educated?

Science-based research is showing that the terms Indica and Sativa have no direct correlation to predicting cannabis effects. Going forward, terpenes will play a significant role as consumers become more educated in both terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

  • What terpene related product innovations would you like to see or are excited for in the near future?

A terpene-related product innovation that I would like to see going forward is a QR code on brand packaging that includes a total terpene percentage and a breakdown of the most dominant terpenes present, as the more experienced consumer will be able to infer advantages and benefits from this information.

  • What’s your hidden talent?

I believe my “hidden talent” is my ability to make a difference in people’s lives and I have always been grateful for that privilege.

Thank you, Kelsey, for sharing your knowledge and experiences with our audience!  Due to government regulations, we are unable to show images of any person(s) and encourage you to check out these personal links for more. Connect with her here , on LinkedIn and Instagram. Check out these educational events Kelsey is hosting this week, here and here.

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