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Conversations with Terpene Science Enthusiasts (4/4)

Hear directly from those in the cannabis industry about this important and complex topic of terpene science.

This series of interviews encompass a diverse group of terpene enthusiasts from all areas of the cannabis industry. These experts include some Spiritleaf staff, community influencers and high-level executives. Learn how each developed an interest in the subject of terpenes, about common misconceptions, possible new innovations and more.

Here, we have a newcomer to the cannabis industry!  Someone who is both well-educated and sentimental about the subject of cannabis science.  Read more below to learn about his experiences so far in the industry.

  • Start by telling our readers your first name and a brief intro about yourself.

Hi, my name is Vincent, and I’ve got a tremendous passion for cannabis and everything surrounding it. Life has had its downside for a long time, but I have changed a lot in recent years and aim to change that around. Our life’s battles don’t have to define who we are but shape us into the people we want to be. Recently, I have completed my cannabis health specialist diploma, and it has been a tremendous experience. I’ve learned a ton about myself as much as I have learned about the many unique subjects surrounding cannabis. Included in this course was the topic on terpenes in cannabis and how these fantastic chemicals combine to create a special entourage effect within our bodies.

  • Where does your interest in terpenes come from and how is this passion influencing your career?

My interest in terpenes comes from my class at Elevated Learning Academy while learning about cannabis and all the various chemical compounds and how they interact with our bodies. Terpenes are, of course, a massive discussion in the cannabis world. One of my favourite things about cannabis is how unique each cultivar can smell. Learning about terpenes will help me define how I produce future content that I have been currently working on. I aim to become a social media influencer, advocate and educator for cannabis. I just want to keep on learning, and to help other people learn about cannabis on a much deeper level.

Vince May
  • Which terpene do you find the most fascinating and why?

For me, I’d have to say I find that Alpha-pinene and Beta-pinene are the most fascinating to me. But that’s a personal preference. The smell of pine brings me back to the scent of British Columbia’s interior and all the camping and outdoor things I used to do back home when I was younger. I love being outdoors, and B.C. has no shortage of great outdoor activities to go do. Both these terpenes, when I smell them, just flood my mind with unforgettable memories of going camping and just being with friends and family.

  • What should consumers know about terpene science, in general?

Terpene is a word used to categorize a wide variety of secondary chemical compounds produced by almost all plants on Earth, and cannabis is no exception. These secondary chemical compounds are produced by plants as a by-product to support their primary compound’s production. Sometimes that can be the fruit they bear, sometimes it’s the flowers they bloom, and in the case of cannabis, these main preparatory compounds are the cannabinoids we enjoy consuming, like THC and CBD. These secondary chemical compounds called terpenes function in several ways that help support the plant’s ability to grow healthy. Terpenes have many different effects on external and internal stimuli that may impact the plant, including bacteria, fungus, insects, cellular growth irregularities, and other stress sources. Terpenes are responsible for the distinctive smell of plants and can impact their flavour as well. If we think back to our high school Biology classes, you may remember that pleasant smells and tastes can encourage animals to spread plant seeds and pollen. Thereby promoting the widespread growth and reproductive success of a plant species. So terpenes not only act as repellants to animals that might harm the plant, but they also serve as lures to animals that can have symbiotic relationships with the plant as well. Bees and how they pollinate flowers are an excellent example of this symbiotic relationship between animals and plants.

  • You recently completed the Cannabis Health Specialist program, congrats!  Share something you learned about Terpenes that surprised you during the course.

At Elevated Learning Academy, I took their four-month compact course that supplied me with so much knowledge on cannabis. It was quite the experience, and I’m still trying to figure out where I fit into this industry. But learning about terpenes themselves was a surprise to me. It surprised me to know that these smells are everywhere and everything we use in our day-to-day lives. They are pretty amazing chemicals to learn about and how they collaborate with cannabis’s primary compounds such as THC and CBD to make this synergy when you consume cannabis. I think it’s such a fascinating subject, and for me, it isn’t only about these primary compounds, but the look, feel and smell that cannabis has, has always been what drew me to this lucrative plant. This plant has helped me discover myself and helped me through so many tough times in my life, and I want to take what I’ve learned from this class to help further educate myself and others on how cannabis may benefit our lives and our planet.

  • If you had to choose only 3 adjectives to describe yourself, which would you choose?

If I had to pick 3 adjectives to describe myself, they would be that I am Enthusiastic, Compassionate, and Courageous. I’m incredibly enthusiastic about cannabis and any goals that I set my mind to. I’m a very compassionate and caring person, and I’m always ready to listen to people’s problems and happy to be there for anyone in their time of need. Then courageous because of how much I have fought and overcome in life.

Thanks very much Vincent, for sharing your knowledge and experiences with our audience!  Due to government regulations, we are unable to show images of any person(s) and encourage you to check out these personal links for more.  See his professional website, FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn profiles for more.

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