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Strain Name:  DMD THC (Doubled-Milled Decarbed)

Producer:  Aurora Cannabis

Cost:  $9.00 / gram

Labeled as:  THC 18.1% and CBD <0.50%

Species:  Indica

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Rated 1 (low score) to 5 (high score)

Packaging/Weight:  Rating this a 2.5.  The order weighed perfectly! The product from this producer comes in bulky plastic containers which I feel are unreasonable to transport, compared to the lightweight, smell proof bags that are sometimes used by other producers.

Look:  Rated a 3.5.  This strain comes double-milled and decarbed, for convenience.  The flower looked dark green, almost brown due to the decarbing process.  There were no sticks seen, which can be a concern when ordering pre-milled products.

Smell:  Rating this a 3.  Very light odour detected, maybe because this product was decarbed already.  The main terpenes present are Guaiol, Bisabolol and Caryophyllene giving this strain a herbal aroma, similar to pepper and oregano.

Taste:  Giving this another 3.  The flavor of this strain was mild with hints of earthy spice, due to the terpene profile.  No unpleasant chemical flavor in this product and was average overall.

Effects:  Rating this a 4.  The THC content level in this product is considered to be moderately high, so for new consumers, the psychedelic effects should be noticeable.  Because this product is an Indica strain it would be good for night time use (individual results will vary).

Comments: There are a lot of good features to this strain -the convenience of this pre-milled product is a good alternative for those prefer to ingest Cannabis instead of smoke it.  Add this product to your homemade edibles or try it in your vaporizer.  This strain was very medicinal, providing stress relief and some pain control due to the THC content.  Was worth the costs and I would purchase this unique product again.  Until you are comfortable with your tolerance level remember to start low and go slow.

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