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From Plastic to Fantastic

Ever wondered what happens to your cannabis containers when you’re done with them? There are actually thousands of ways you can reuse and repurpose those little guys!

Over 10,000 tons of packaging was created last year and though we do our best to recycle, much of it ends up in dumpsters and landfills across Canada. Companies like Cannasupplies, a division of PharmaSystems inc, are doing their part by promoting sustainably conscious packaging, but what about the stuff we already have at home?

Cannabis products have uniquely specific packaging regulations that are required by law, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be earth friendly. Don’t put your cannabis containers in the cannaBIN, give them a second life! You can transform and use them for all kinds of useful things, so they’ll keep on giving long after your purchase and most importantly, they’ll stay out of landfills.


At Spiritleaf, we believe in being kind to Mother Nature, so we’ve come up with a few ideas to reuse, repurpose, and reimagine your plastic cannabis packaging. With Earth Day approaching on April 22, it’s the perfect time to get crafty with your containers!

  • Reinvent your used pot packaging to provide a new home for small houseplants like spider plants, succulents and air plants. Decorate your old screw-top jars or leave them plain, add a small layer of gravel and soil and voila! You can even drill small holes in the bottom of the jar and use the lid as a planter saucer. 
  • Use hemp cord or our beeswax hemp spool to wrap around your old containers to create a mini hemp basket, ideal for storing knick-knacks, cotton pads, jewellery or your keys.
  • These handy little jars already come with a child-proof lid, making them perfect to store medications, vitamins, leftover edibles, or any small items you don’t want the kids getting into. 
  • Convert your containers into adorable gift boxes by removing the labels and decorating them with wrapping paper, ribbon, paint, glitter or whatever you feel like. It’s the perfect way to gift small items and your friends will appreciate the unique, personal touch to their present. 
  • All cannabis packaging is required to be food-safe, so keep hold of your old cannabis jars because they’re perfect for storing pantry items like spices, herbs and grains. You can even glue magnets to the base so they stick to the fridge! You can also use them for snacks like trail mix, candy, baby carrots and more! 
  • Loads of loose change jangling around in your pockets? Make use of your cannabis containers and use them to store the coins that are weighing down your wallet. If you want to take it a step further, create a small slot in the lid and transform your cannabis container into an adorable money box to save your change for a rainy day. 
  • Line the inside of your leftover tubs with aluminium foil or any inflammable material to convert them into a useable ash tray! Now you can have your cannabis and smoke it too! They’re also perfect for storing your pre-vaped bud for further use. 
  • Overrun with office supplies? These little receptacles are the perfect size for paperclips, elastic bands, staples and thumb tacks. Use a hot glue gun to stick jars together to keep all of your stationery in one place. 
  • Get super crafty and reinvent your receptacles by using them for homemade body or lip scrubs, air fresheners, candles, refillable products, travel cosmetics and more – the possibilities are endless!

Help us celebrate Earth Day by doing something that’s good for the planet. Visit our social media channels for more inspiration on how to transform your trash from plastic to fantastic and reuse your cannabis containers.

Share your creations on social media using #PlasticToFantastic to be featured.

Thank you Cannasupplies, a division of PharmaSystems Inc. for supplying the sustainably conscience packaging for these images. 

Author: Jasmine Holmes is a professional writer, editor and content creator from the UK with a penchant for storytelling and a passion for Cannabis. She has written for many publications like Where Rockies, Essential Magazine, The Dining Guide, InStudio, Via Runway and more, as well as various newspapers, art centres and corporations. After living in Australia for a few years, Jasmine moved to the Rocky Mountains to focus on travel and tourism writing. However, following the legalization of cannabis, she decided to put her in-depth knowledge to good use and now specializes in educating readers about the fascinating world of weed. 

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