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Interview with Anaïs Cordier



Image inspired by the Spiritleaf Cochrane location, check back later this month to read the store feature. Join ‘The Collective’ to get a copy of this original art!


This next collaboration is a special one!

Spiritleaf is fortunate to team up with another talented illustrator and graphic designer from Europe, Anaïs Cordier of Anais CR Design. She comes from an alpine town called Annecy, found in the southeastern region of France. A good majority of this artist’s work is focused on body-positivity, celebrating the human form. Her artwork encourages acceptance, which is also an important value to the cannabis culture and at the core of Spiritleaf.

We believe that everyone matters equally, regardless of status, age, ethnicity, or creed.

Find out what inspires this female-friendly artist by reading the interview below.


•    Please start by sharing a bit about your background and professional experience.

I was born in Annecy, France, and then I moved a lot when I was younger in different parts of France.  I always wanted to do something creative in my life so this year I passed the entrance exams of the school of fine arts of Saint-Etienne and I am now an art student! I recently started my own company to sell my illustrations.


•    From inspiration to completion! Tell us about your artistic process and how you create these colourful illustrations.

I usually work on my computer with the Adobe suite, so I can work/draw from every-where without bringing a lot of material with me. Also, I love the results you can have by working on a computer: bright colors, and very precise color lines.  When I have time, I like to paint on canvas, it’s more spontaneous and unique.  I don’t really have an artistic process, usually, ideas come to me when I don’t think about it, like while I am watching a movie or walking on the street. I sketch it on a piece of paper to work on it later or I just start drawing immediately if I am in the mood.


•    You recently started a campaign where you celebrate the natural beauty of the human body, asking people to send you pictures of their stretch marks. What inspired this and why is it important to you?

I made a Q and A about stretchmarks and I realized that a lot of people didn’t like them or were ashamed of them. That is why I started this project.


•    Most of your artwork is vibrant, pretty and slightly feminine. Do you consider yourself a feminist? And if so, do you think feminism has helped or hurt your career?

I do consider myself a feminist, and I think all those who are in favor of gender equality are feminists. It is not a dirty word, or anything shameful. Being a feminist never affected my “career” (even if it’s only the beginning).


•    Do you have any professional advice for other female artists?

I am not an expert or anything, so just be yourself, and don’t undervalue your work.


•    What do you like best about being an artist and what challenges have you faced?

I like that I can make a living of something I love doing.  When I work on a commission, I have to follow the feedback-rework procedure. It can be hard sometimes and lots of patience is needed but it also can lead to great surprises and to work I wouldn’t have done if it was just by myself.


•    Besides art, what other hobbies or interests do you have?

I love traveling. Recently, I went to Bali and I just can’t wait to go back. The landscape, the people, the food, everything was so amazing. I had planned to go to Thailand in June, but I had to cancel my trip because of the health crisis.


•    What attracts you to the cannabis culture?

I am not really familiar with this culture; I am not a consumer myself.  I have nothing against it, as long as the consumer makes responsible use of it and does not drive after.  *Well said Anaïs!


To get a copy of this original art, join The Collective by visiting a Spiritleaf store to learn more. Click here to find a location nearest you. To see more projects from Anaïs follow this link, https://www.instagram.com/anaiscrdesign/.

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