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Interview with Ashley Dreyfus

A world with no conformity or expectations! As part of the Spiritleaf manifesto, we believe in respecting each individual’s reason for choosing cannabis as a way of enhancing their quality of life. Social, therapeutic and spiritual journeys are all welcome here. To celebrate this, we have collaborated with a mixed media artist to honor the culture’s single biggest holiday.

Read this interview with Ashley Dreyfus below to find out more about the artist and what inspires her:

  • Your website shares that you are currently immersing yourself in a self-motivated 365 drawings a day project, something which seems to be very popular online. Tell us what prompted you to do such a project and what’s the biggest takeaway from it so far?

I have always loved creating art since I was a child, but I really became serious about illustrating after I graduated high school. I decided not to pursue college but instead save up to buy myself a basic drawing tablet, I then began teaching myself graphic design and new drawing techniques through Youtube. 

My main inspiration to create began when I started a 365 drawing a day project, where 

I challenged myself to draw one piece a day for a whole year. Through this process, I was able to develop my style and learn new programs for digital drawing. I am happy to say that the takeaway from this project is that I learned how to use graphic design programs, build a portfolio and freelance art business through social media.

  • What was the inspiration for the charters featured in your portfolio, that you call Alter Egos? Are these self-portraits?

I developed my characters and style through my self motivated 365 drawing a day project. I have always enjoyed drawing imaginary or exaggerated cartoon characters.

 One day, I had a vision of a character I wanted to create. It had a big round belly and was a bright shade of turquoise. I became obsessed with drawing the same character over and over again, then it was clear to me that this style resonated with me. I decided that my characters are best described as “Alter Egos” of humans. They are androgynous beings that live in the comfort of a world with no conformity or expectations. 

  • Your realistic attitude towards life and celebrating its whimsical moments is what attracted our company to your work. Why did you choose to collab with Spiritleaf?

When Spiritleaf reached out to collaborate with me on this project, I immediately felt like this was a great fit. Within the art that I create, it’s a reflection of the way I perceive everyday life. It is important to live in the moment and be outgoing and optimistic. I felt that Spiritleaf’s morals related and resonated a lot.

  • Are you a supporter of legalization? If so, what aspects are you most excited about?

I am a supporter of legalization. I am most excited about the opportunity for people to have access to THC and cannabis products for health and wellbeing.

  • For those who don’t know, please explain what ‘mixed media art’ is and why this format appeals to you? 

Mixed media art to me means combining one or more mediums within a piece of work or practicing art within your style, but working in different mediums (ex: painting, digital art, drawing, collaborating). I enjoy working in this form because it’s challenging and can create unique outcomes and expand my ideas for new art.

  • As a self-taught artist, what advice can you share with artists who are getting started and are new to the art world?

As a self-taught artist, It can seem a bit daunting starting a project or teaching yourself a new skill on your own. I found that it was most valuable to assign myself small drawing/art projects to eventually get in the habit of drawing every day. The key to my success and finding my style came from starting my first 365 drawing a day project, drawing a new digital drawing a day and posting each piece to Instagram using the platform as my portfolio. 

  • Tell us about your future plans, about any projects you might be considering?

I hope to continue to explore new mediums this year, also travel and connect with new artists in new cities! I am so thankful for all of the support I have received throughout this journey, I can’t wait to continue and encourage others to go out and create!


To get a copy of this original art join The Collective by visiting a Spiritleaf store to learn more, click here to find a location nearest you.  View more of Ashley’s work online visit, https://www.dreyfusart.com.

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