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Interview with Honeywave

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Our next artist collaboration features Honeywave, an artist based in Los Angeles, California.  Known as the golden state, California provides tones of inspiration from its environment including its showbiz and surfing culture which is represented in this artist’s colourful work.  This modern-day, digital artist is true to her craft and doesn’t compromise the quality of her work.

Read below to learn about this artist.

  • Start by telling us your first name and more about your personal background?

My name is Zoë and I’m a digital artist in LA.

  • What would you classify your art as? Tell us more about the style you are currently showcasing!

I’m not sure I would classify my art in any particular category. I’m really exploratory in my style, and I like to create work with light tones and contemporary design.

  • Looking at your portfolio, it seems that you are inspired by your environment.Explain how the California scene has influenced you and why it is important?

I’m definitely influenced by California. Living near the coast provides a sense of stillness in a world that often feels like it’s moving far too quickly. I use my work to capture this feeling of lighthearted contentment and hopefully share with others as a breath of fresh air.

  • During this time of self-isolation and quarantine, share with our readers how your day-to-day working routine has changed?

Fortunately, my routine hasn’t been changed too much. I still spend most of my time at home, creating. In light of everything happening, there are definitely days where it’s more difficult to find inspiration to create. So, I’ve taken this time to tune in to myself more and allow myself to ride waves of emotion and productivity instead of trying to constantly force output.

  • What are your personal goals as an artist and what future projects are you planning?

My personal goal is always to continue growing and evolving. I’m currently working on a couple of projects that are going to showcase a more simplistic and minimal side of my style which I’m excited to share.

  • What was appealing to you about doing this collaboration with Spiritleaf and why do you want to share your work with our ‘Collective’ members?

Spiritleaf has a very down to earth vibe, so it felt natural to collaborate. I’m also part of a generation who knew cannabis before it was legal and is now seeing it emerge and transform into a booming industry, so I’m proud to work with a company that’s at the forefront of that movement.

Get a copy of this original art by joining The Collective.  Visit a Spiritleaf store near you for more, click here to find a location nearest you.  If you have questions about commissions, collaborations, or have business inquiries for this artist contact her at honeywave.art@gmail.com.  Check out her profile on Instagram too, click here.

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