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Strain Name:  JEAN GUY

Producer:  7Acres

Cost: https://www.7acres.com/Jean-Guy

Labeled as: 17 %THC and 0%CBD

Species: Balanced Hybrid

Product Type:  Dried Herb

Jean Guy 7ACRES

Photo Credit to 7ACRES.

Rated 1 (low score) to 5 (high score)

Packaging/Weight:  Rating this category a 4.5.  The product weighted perfectly, which isn’t always the case with all products.  I suspect it is because of the high quality of the flower and that it was cured very well.  However, the government required packaging is plastic and bulky.

Look:  Is worth a 5 out of 5.  Excellent looking product, the flower is well-trimmed and has no leaves or sticks visible.  The buds are a healthy, medium green colour with dark orange pistils and plenty of trichomes.  The nug’s are very compact and a bit squishy; perfect!

Smell:  Rated this a 5.  The aroma is pleasantly pungent and is very citrusy with a woody undertone.  The smell was strong, even after the package had been open over the weekend.  After grinding the herb, I could distinctly smell the sweet citrus. The main terpene in this strain is Myrcene, which is the most common of all terpenes.  It also has Alpha-Pinene, Terpinolene and Limonene.

Taste:  This category rates a 3.5.  Overall, the flavor was neutral when smoked, but was not as tasty as I expected.  It was noticeably smooth while inhaling, not harsh at all with no bad aftertaste and no chemical flavour was detected.

Effects:  Rated a 3.5 for effects.  I did feel some immediate cerebral effects but was not overwhelming for me, as I have a high tolerance.  I was in a happy and uplifted mood after consuming which lasted for a short time (individual results will vary).

Comments:  This hybrid strain is said to be a phenotype of White Widow and was developed by the House of the Green Gardener in Quebec, Canada.  The complex smell and overall quality, in my opinion, makes this a connoisseur strain.  I really enjoyed this top-shelf product and would gladly purchase it again. Keep respecting the plant 7Acres!

*You can purchase this product at any Spiritleaf store, find a location near you by following this link.

References:  Lift & Co, Leafly, and Wikileaf.

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